Friday, 1 May 2015

Blue Exorcist Anime

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I thought today I would accompany yesterday's Manga post with it's anime.
The Blue Exorcist Anime is shorter than the manga and ends how as far as I am aware the manga could end, not going to lie I hope it ends better. The anime pretty much follows the manga story with a few variations, as with the manga I fell in love with the anime, my favourite character is Rin and I totally ship Rin and Shiemi together. 

Like the manga the artwork is amazing and I love both the subbed and dubbed version especially the dubbed as I love Rin and Yukio's dubbed voices, whenever I hear Kirito (Sword Art Online) or Eren (Attack on Titan) I can't help saying it's Rin. With Yukio's voice all I can say is it's Ichigo (Bleach).

Part 1 front.
Part 1 back.
Part 2 front.
Part 2 back.

Both boxsets have two discs and there's 13 episodes on both boxsets.

Part 1 disc 1.
Part 1 disc 2.
Part 2 disc 1.
Part 2 disc 2.

Like most Anime's Blue Exorcist has two amazing opening themes and two amazing ending themes.

Opening one
UVERworld - Core Pride

Ending one
2pm - Take Off

Opening two
Rookiez - In My World

Ending two
Meisa Kuroki - Wired Life

I would love there to be a second season but with how they ended it, it's obvious there won't be.
I'm hoping to get some of the outfits so I can cosplay both Shiemi and Rin, Rin is one of my favourite anime characters and I'm still to find an anime where the guys aren't hot (yes I know they're drawn but Jessica Rabbit, think you get where I'm coming from).

Also known as Ao No Ekusoshisuto aka Ao No Exorcist.
The gang.
Satan Shiro, Shiro, Demon Rin, Rin and Kurikara.
Demon Rin.

Feel free to comment or Email any Anime's you like and insist I check out, always happy to try new Anime's whether they are serious, comedic, action or pervy (two Anime's that I love are rather pervy)

An nyoung 
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