Thursday, 14 May 2015

Betoyo Bento Box: May Edition

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

Last month I subscribed to a service called Betoyo Bento Box which is like Loot Crate but as expected from me instead of it being geeky gamer style comic stuff it's all think japanese ranging from Anime merchandise to Japanese snacks.
I recommend this subscription for anyone that's interested in stuff like this, they tend to give sneak peaks to what's going to be in the box on Instagram and Facebook but it all tends to be a surprise when you open the box.

The products arrived in a white box with a blue ribbon tied round it which I thought gave it a personal touch from the sender.

Inside was all the Japanese goodness, some of the products I got were from Anime's that I know about bit not watched or read.
First look

The first item in my box was a sleep mask featuring Aladdin from Magi. I've not seen this Anime but I have looked at the Manga and wanting to start reading it.

Next was a Street Fighter 2 Apology charm, it shows the character pretty sorrowful, mine looked like he'd started the fight bit the other person finished it. All the charms show each character bent over apologising.

Next was a book mark paper clip which had a character from one of my favourite Anime's Attack On Titan, I don't remember the characters name but I can picture who he is.

My Japanese snack was a rice cracker which was shrimp/Prawn flavoured, it smelt like a Prawn cracker and tasted better than I thought I would, it had a taste of a pork scratching but obviously Prawn flavoured. Even though I thought it tasted nice I couldn't eat too much of them.

My final item was a large item which after looking on eBay for the price of this makes the box worthwhile.
Monkey D. Luffy 

Even though I've never watched or read One Piece this was the highlight item for me, just the quality of the figure is amazing, he's also taller than a DVD case so you get the idea of the size.

You definitely get your moneys worth for this subscription. There's two packages to choose from when subscribing you can pay $110 per 3 months that works out at $36.67 per box or you can go for the pay monthly plan which I am on which is $38 which works out to be £25.33 a month both are auto renewed and both include free shipping.

If you do want to check out any of their pages you can find them at:
Instagram: @boxbetoyo 
Facebook: Betoyo

See you soon!

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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