Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Baked Goods: Shortbread my speciality

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

I thought I'd share some baking today in this post and I've not really had much chance to bake lately which is upsetting as I love baking so I'd thought I'd share some baking that I did a few weeks ago. Shortbread is something I enjoy baking a lot and always get nothing but praise for and even if I do say so myself my shortbread rocks.

500g salted butter
200g golden caster sugar
500g plain flour 
250g cornflour

To begin with I measured out all of my ingredients, I always measure out my butter last saving me from washing my equipment straight away. Depending on where I am depends on the mixing equipment,  I was at home so I used my mixer. I started out by measuring the golden caster sugar and placing it in the mixer bowl.
200g golden caster sugar 

Then I measured out and sifted the flour and placed into a bowl.
500g plain flour 

Then I measured out and sifted the cornflour and placed into another bowl.
250g cornflour 

Lastly I measured out the salted butter and added that into the mixer bowl with the golden caster sugar. 
500g salted butter 

I don't have pictures for the dull process next as I forgot to take some. I began by creaming the butter and sugar together.

Next I added the sifted flour bit by bit and allowed it to mix in then I added the sifted cornflour and allowed it to mix in with the rest of the ingredients until it formed a dough.
Once it was ready I lightly dusted the work surface and kneaded the dough and rolled it into a ball.

Once it was rolled into a ball I covered it in clingfilm and put it in the oven for 30 minutes.
After the 30 minutes I preheated the oven to 160°c and placed a baking sheet on two baking trays and then started rolling out the dough.
Most of my cookie cutters that I tend to use were at Andrew's so I used a butterfly cookie cutter and a heart cookie cutter.

Once all cut out I placed them all on the baking trays and sprinkled the golden caster sugar on them. I then placed them in the oven for 20 minutes.

When they were baked I placed them on a cooling rack and allowed them to cool down and then placed them in decorative box that you saw in the first picture, ready for eating.

I hope to do some more baking soon there's lots of recipes that I love doing that I want to share with you all.
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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