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Manga Madness: Blue Exorcist!

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Just like Mondays is k-pop day Thursday I'm aiming to make Manga Madness. Today's Manga Madness is Blue Exorcist. Blue Exorcist was one of the first manga's I started buying and really getting into (minus sailor moon) I don't tend to read what the manga is about when choosing a new one, if I think the cover looks cool then it's worth a try in my book.

Blue Exorcist tells the story of twin brothers Rin and Yukio Okumara.
Rin is the oldest of them both and uses most of his time and skills getting into fights (he may not start them but he aims to finish them.)
Yukio on the other hand is rather smart and always excells.
Their foster father is Shiro Fujimoto and by day he's a priest and in secret he is known as an Exorcist his title is the Paladin (term given to the strongest exorcist).

There's something I've not told you about Rin and Yukio their father is SATAN.
When Rin finds this out Satan comes calling and in the chaos Satan takes over Shiro's body but to protect Rin, Shiro fights and wins but not without loosing his life, which causes Rin to want to win the fight against Demons and Satan and become an Exorcist and someday the Paladin.

Before Shiro died he told Rin about a sword called Kurikara and told him never to unsheathe it and use it as it holds his demonic power and if he was rondo so he would never be human again. Shiro's death is Rin's downfall as to stop Satan he uses Kurikara and ignites into blue flames and with it he becomes a demon sprouting fangs, pointed ears and a tail.

Rin and Yukio are taken in by an Exorcist and friend of Shiro's Mephisto Pheles, they enroll ate Mephisto's school true cross academy where they team up with Ryuji Suguro (Bon), Shiemi Moriyama, Izumo Kamiki, Konekomaru Mira and Renzo Shima and all work together to become exorcists and a team. Yukio is already a trained Exorcist and is a lecturer as True Cross Academy.

Rin fights to keep his father a secret and also hides his tail so his friends won't find out his true self, it's a long battle to beat and stop Satan in his goal to open Gehenna Gate (the demon realm) so that it melds into one with Assiah (the human world).

I won't reveal anymore as if anyone wants to read the manga thers isn't any spoilers plus the manga is still ongoing and myself are still reading and enjoying it.

Rin Okumara 
Amazing artwork.
Info on Rin.
Info on Yukio.
Info on Mephisto.
Info on Shiemi.
Info on Shiro.
Showing how Rin hides his tail.
Yukio Okumara 
Every time new characters are introduced it recaps.
The start of each book recaps the story so far.
Amazing artwork.
Info on Ryuji aka Bon.
Info on Renzo.
Info on Konekomaru.
Info on Izumo.
Amazing artwork.
Demon type and level.
Demon type and level.
Demon type and level.
Amazing artwork 
Ryuji (Bon)
Amazing artwork.
Renzo and Konekomaru.
Renzo is scared of bugs.
Amazing artwork 
Rin & Kuro
Amazing artwork.
Amazing artwork.
Arthur Angel
Amazing artwork.

 I hope I've piqued your interest, hope you give Blue Exorcist a go it's one of my favourite manga's and I hope I've done it justice, there's not really much of the story I can reveal so can't tell to its full potential. Check it out.

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