Thursday, 12 March 2015

Into The New World!!

Most of my friends are into the normal things, reading books, fashion, music, keeping their Blog readers up to date on their goings on, for me the past 2 years I've joined the big fan base (even though the fanbases are worldwide it's still not hugely popular) of kpop (korean), jpop (japanese) and cpop (Chinese mainly mandarin). I have literally gone into a new world. Over the past  2 years I've spent hundreds on importing cd's and dvd's of the groups I've come to love so much so that when it was released last year that one of the members of my favourite group had been removed I was devastated to the point that it was Geri leaving the Spice Girls all over again in my youth. Where in western countries most groups are frowned upon if they are manufactured in Asian countries that's how their journey begins. In South Korea there are 3 main major companies that trains their idols: SM entertainment, JYP and YG. Whichever company they are in they are trained in all area's of the entertainment industry and this can take years for instance Jessica Jung was a trainee for 7 years before she got her debut in Girls Generation (and if reports are correct after 14 years she is no longer with SM). Also what Asian groups all have in common compared to western groups is the groups members numbers range from a 4 piece group to 12/15 members (what's not to like about a group of 12 insanely attractive guys or girls). Each group has their own fanbase with having and official fancclub name. In my case I'm a SONE (which means wish), E.L.F (EverLasting Friend) and Exo-L (Exo-Love), I'll explain all these later. Asian music all tends to be really catchy and their music videos bright and bubbly, I'm going to be posting a lot more about the groups I like and giving reviews on their albums etc to shed the light more on this music. It's shown me there is no language barrier within the music industry. 
See you soon!

Zai Jian

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