Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Girls Generation

An nyoung 
Ni hao

 The only way I can start talking about my favourite south korean girl group is by starting from their debut. Girls Generation are one of the biggest and well known girl groups in Korea and pretty much the rest of Asia, they are often referred to as the Queen's of Kpop (their male counterparts Super Junior are often referred to as the kings of Kpop). Back in 2007 was their debut in to the music world and they consisted of 9 (now 8) members: Sunny, HyoYeon, SeoHyun, TaeYeon, Tiffany, Jessica, SooYoung, Yuri & Yoona. Their group name has 3 ways of being said, Korea they are known as SoNyeo Shi  Dae, in Japan they are known as Shojo Jidai, in China (less commonly) they are known as Shaonu Shidai and I would say most commonly they are known everywhere as girls generation or GG for short. The fanbase for Girls Generation is called SONE (pronounced Sowon) which means wish and comes from their song Genie (tell me your wish) and each fan has their ultimate bias (favourite member) mine is Sunny. So brings me to their debut album: Girls Generation The First Album, the beginning of 2008 saw the release of their first album in a repackaged form (this happens a lot in asia) called Baby Baby where a few extra remixed songs appeared.

The original release of their first album included their debut single Into The New World and also saw the release of 2 more singles Girls Generation and Kissing You. The start of their career saw them with barely any make-up and showing them as cute and innocent young girls. The theme for the first album saw them portrayed as dolls and figures, each picture also introduced each member.


The first version consisted of 11 songs.
Even though I do love this album there is only a few songs that really stand out for me which is Girls Generation, complete (a ballad), Kissing You, Tinkerbell, Honey and Into the new world. Even though I wasn't a fan from the start Into the New world remains to be one of my favourite songs and a song and video that shows how much they have grown and how hard they have worked to get to where they are now. The Song basically is it's name it is them holding onto each other and stepping forward into a new world.

The Repackaged album saw them keep their innocent look but loose the concept of using the doll and collectable image to show them as they were young girls.

Baby Baby consisted of 14 songs all in the same order as the original version but had a skool rock remix of Kissing you and 2 megamix style tracks both the same mix but one being a longer version which included Into The New world, Girls Generation, Ooh La-La, Baby Baby, Honey and Kissing you.

So I've come to the end of introducing you to Girls Generation and the birth of the Kpop career,  please feel free to check out any of the songs shown and named on YouTube (I tried to link the MV's on here but wouldn't work) and hopefully this is the start of you stepping Into The New World.

Zai Jian

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