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Fangirl Monthly: May Box

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I was so excited when my May box arrived from Fangirl Monthly as it's Fullmetal Alchemist, I've never seen the original anime, I got into the franchise through Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which I have on DVD, I also have started getting the 3-in-1 manga collections of the series. I've noticed no matter the genre of anime or manga people like one franchise that I've always seen people recommend is Fullmetal Alchemist, shall we see what goodies we go in the Fullmetal Alchemist box!

First up we have an EXCLUSIVE "THE FAMILY" POSTCARD PRINT, the artwork again is done by Mayu Matsumoto. Whether you've watched the anime or read the manga, or neither, you're familiar with the sad story of 2 brothers trying to undo what happened. It's such a sweet print of the brothers with their mother, back when everyone was whole and happy.

Next we have the CUSTOM FLAMEL SYMBOL COTTON JEWELRY POUCH, another pretty pouch to keep all the jewelry items together. In the series both of the Elric brothers are seen with this symbol upon them, Edward has it on the back of his infamous red coat and Al's(Alphonse) is on the left shoulder of his amour body. The Flamel symbol resembles many other ancient symbols including The Rod Of Asclepius - which is the Ancient Greek sign of medicine, The Caduceus - which is the Ancient Greek symbol related to the god of Alchemy, Hermes and the medieval professed, French alchemist, Nicholas Flamel. I can see why they went with the Flamel symbol seen as the series is Edward and Al looking for the Philosopher's Stone, which Nicholas Flamel is connected to.

Next we have a CUSTOM TRANSMUTATION CIRCLE VINTAGE BOOKMARK, I look this bookmark, it's rally pretty and personally for me looks and feels like it's been passed down my family for generations, I think it definitely looks like something they would have used in the time that Fullmetal Alchemist is set. I'm in too minds whether to use it or not as it's really pretty and I want to use it and at the same time it feels tight to not damage books leaving marks where it's been sat. It looks really well made.

Next we have CUSTOM OUROBOROS DANGLE EARRINGS, sadly for me I'm not a fan of these earrings, there is something that I can't put my finger on that makes me scrunch up my nose, maybe it's because my ears are no longer pierced to be able to wear them. I'm sure they look better worn than they do not, whether they are sturdy and well made, is something I'll have to keep an eye on from other subscribers. To the eye they do look like they will be sturdy. I love that they got the symbol correct as it symbolises and represents the eternal cycle of life and death.

Next we have a FLAMEL PENDANT NECKLACE, this is the same symbol from the jewelry pouch and it's really well made, the necklace clasp is easy to use and it fits really nicely, it's another item that I think has a masculine feel to it meaning both men and women can wear it.

Lastly we have a REPLICA COSPLAY STATE ALCHEMIST POCKET WATCH, Fangirl Monthly debated whether to put another pocket watch in their box as they have had a few already inside past boxes, fans stated that this item needed to be included as it's a famous item from the series and they listened to their fans. I hope like myself that other subscribers are glad that they listened. It's really well made and even has the infamous engraving inside "Don't forget 3.Oct.11, which is the date that everything changed for the Elric brothers, as they burned down their family home after their mothers death and a failed transmutation circle to bring her back to life, causing Edward to lose an arm and leg and his brother to lose his entire body. 3.Oct.1911 they left the remains of the childhood home to move forward and grow (insert Ed short jokes here) in alchemy as well as search for the Philosopher's Stone to get Al his body back. 3rd of October is also the franchises unofficial Fullmetal Alchemist Day that fans started, it's basically their version of Star Wars day on May the 4th. I think the pocket watch is my favourite item from the May box, it's just perfect.

It's now time to get into all the business side of the Fangirl Monthly subscription box, whatever month you subscribe, as long as it's before the deadline you will get that months box, if it's after the deadline you will receive the next months box. Each box comes with 3-5 anime and manga inspired jewelry, accessories and goodies from a selected series each month. You get the choice of what term of what subscription plan you would like, there's a 6 month plan which is $102/£83.69 and renews every 6 months until you cancel, there is a 3 month plan which is $52.50/£43.08 and renews every 3 months until you cancel, and finally there is a monthly plan which is the plan I am on, which is $18/£14.77 and renews every month until you cancel. You are able to skip any of the months boxes if you need to for any reason. These boxes do not include shipping and each shipping price varies for where they are shipping to, I pay £24.81 a month which is including shipping. If you are interested in subscribing or fancy checking them out then you can head over to the Fangirl Monthly website.

I really liked May's box, I think they did Fullmetal Alchemist justice in the item they chose to represent the box, my main favourite items have to be the pocket watch and the bookmark. I think they created another versatile box and I'm curious to know what series is going to be featured in July's box. You may have noticed I wrote July and not June, I've skipped June's box as it's a series I'm not familiar with so didn't want to paying for something that I know I wouldn't use or wear, June's box is Madoka Magica. Fangirl Monthly have released a sneak peak for one of the items from the box, which is a cute bracelet but not of the symbols on it mean anything to me. I do look forward to seeing pictures from other subscribers though.
June box is Madoka Magica.
July box is still to be revealed.

A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain anything without sacrificing something else in return. Although, if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you'll find you have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle, yeah.. a heart made of full metal." "This is my last transmutation. Just sit back and enjoy the show!" 
- Edward Elric -

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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