Thursday, 1 June 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017!

Ni Hao

My holiday of the year has been and gone and I'm already wanting to plan to go back next year, maybe I should head back there to celebrate turning 30 to show that no matter your age, life can be beautiful and magical. This year was the first time we went just me, my mum and my daughter Skye, it was also the first time I was in charge of getting us there and back home in one piece and as you can tell from me back posting, I did rather well. This year Disneyland Paris is celebrating it's 25th anniversary.

For us our trip was full of princess', mice, wookie's, superhero's and the dark side galore along with a breathtaking Disney Illuminations at the end of the day to close the park. I'm always left surprised as well as humble when I get to visit Disneyland Paris, during one of our times watching the parade I got to witness a little boys face light up in awe and delight as Disney characters were smiling and waving at him, making me greatfull of all the hours the cast members put in each day, I've yet to have a trip there that hasn't made me shed a few tears, just witnessing Disney Illuminations had me smiling and tearing up it was that inspiring. No matter your age having your favourite characters take time to achkowledge you makes your day brighter and better, I grew up in a house of Star Wars, Disney and rock music and having Rapunzel (my favourite princess) wave and blow a kiss to the camera made me feel like a kid again, the same with Prince Eric walking up to Skye and giving her a high five, and Chewbacca responding to us not once but twice, the first time was spotting Skye in her Rey outift and the second time was reacting to us shouting "punch it Chewie", which had everyone around us laughing as well as the cast member with Chewbacca. One thing I never knew would be scary was meeting Darth Vader, it was so Intimidating but still pretty awesome, we went to meet him twice, the pictures when we met him on the first day are my favourite as Skye was petrified and I obviously wore the wrong top, as I had my Yoda top on which at the end of the pictures had Darth Vader pushing me out of the door. We got to meet and talk also with the main mouse himself Mickey, as well as Belle and Spider-Man, Skye told Belle how much I didn't like Gaston and Spider-Man is expecting Skye to take over from him while he takes a vacation.
Take a look at some of the pictures I took of our amazing time there.

The main things I wanted to share on this post was the video's I got from Star Wars, parade and the Disney Illuminations but their too big to post so if you do want to check them out then head over to my blogs Facebook page where they have been uploaded.

Sadly this could be my last trip to Disney for a while but I hope to some day walk through those turnstiles to a place where dreams become reality, Disneyland Paris is where I never grow up, it's my Neverland.

Songs featured on our visit.
Lost In The Magic

If You Can Dream

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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