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GOT7 - Flight Log: Arrival

Ni Hao

Guess what one of my favourite groups have made a comeback, it's been 3 weeks since they made their comeback but they're still promoting and fighting for music show wins, it's time to get into another amazing release from GOT7.

Flight Log: Arrival is their 6th mini album and the third and final instalment from their Flight Log series. Back at the start of February during a fan meeting for their 3rd anniversary since debut a VT was shown signalling that they would be making a comeback in March.
On the 26th/27th of February JYP released the Schedule Announcement on both theirs and GOT7's official twitter accounts. On the 28th of February, the Flight Log: Arrival trailer was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the same day the track list for Arrival was released on their twitter account revealing the title track to be named Never Ever.
On the 1st of March the teaser images started with Mark's being the first to be released.

On the 2nd of March JB's teaser images were released.

On the 3rd of March Jinyoung's teaser images were released.

On the 6th of March Jackson's teaser images were released.

On the 7th of March Youngjae's teaser images were released.

On the 8th of March maknae Yugyeom's teaser images were released.

On the 9th of March final member BamBam's teaser images were released.

On the 10th of March the group teaser images were released.

Along with the group teaser images the M/V teaser for Never Ever was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 11th of March the Flight Log: Arrival Album Spoiler was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
A few days later on the 13th of March both the Never Ever M/V and the Flight Log: Arrival mini album was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment

Flight Log: Arrival contains 8 tracks with 7 of the tracks being wrote and co-wrote by the members of GOT7.
Youngjae (credited as Ars) co-wrote and co-composed track Sign.
Yugyeom wrote and co-composed track 양심없이 (Don't Care).
Jackson co-wrote and co-composed track Out.
JB (credited as Defsoul) co-wrote and co-composed Q.
Jinyoung and BamBam co-wrote track Paradise with Jinyoung also co-composing the track.
JB (Defsoul), Jackson, BamBam and Mark co-wrote Shopping Mall and Jackson co-composed.
JB (Defsoul) Jackson, Mark and BamBam co-wrote Go Higher, while JB also co-composed the track.

At the start of promotions, Jackson was absent due to being off recovering from being so ill that he was seen violently vomiting and passing out at a fan meet, making JYP to announce that Jackson would be taking time off from their schedule to recover and would be returning after a week, this was then extended an extra week due to him still not being 100% for activities, Jackson returned for promotions on the 25th of March. Mark will miss a week of promotions too as he joins a new season of reality show Laws of the Jungle, which filming kicked off a few days ago.
So far Never Ever has won 4 music show awards, with time for more wins as the groups promotions are yet to end.

Flight Log: Arrival peaked at No.1 on the Gaon Albums Chart, No.9 on the Oricon Albums Chart, No.3 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers Albums Chart and No.1 on Billboards World Albums Chart. I'm not 100% on sales of the mini album but just in pre-orders alone Arrival sold 220,000 copies, with it becoming not only their best selling release from their Flight Log series but also their best selling release to date.
Even the M/V for never ever is doing amazingly with reaching 20,535,018 million views within 3 weeks of it's release, with the views increasing with each passing day.
Before promotions began and before the release of their new mini album GOT7 reached a new milestone when o the 5th/6th of March it was announced that their M/V for Just Right was their first M/V to hit the 100 million views milestone.

Flight Log: Arrival was released in 2 versions, a Never version and Ever version, the Never version is a pale stone colour while the Ever version is green. Both versions are set out in the same box style case with both versions following their coloured version inside the booklets. Both versions come with 3 booklets, large, medium and small that sit in front of one another so that they spell out Arrival, the large booklet is the photo book which both versions have different pictures inside as well as having the members Thank Yous, the medium booklet is another photo book with the members having duo shots that also follow the pictures used on the Arrival event cards and the small booklet is the lyric booklet. Both versions come with a clear album cover that holds the booklets, which are random in each version, along with an Arrival event card which is also random, both versions also come with 3 random photo cards, a making version, a selfie version and a promise version. Pre-orders of the album also came with a log book of the Flight Log series, to be able to look back from the start to it's ending, each log book has different pictures and is coloured to correspond to the versions.

Track List:
Never Ever
Shopping Mall
Go Higher
양심없이 (Don't Care)

Never Version

Ever Version

I pre-ordered this album so I received the log books and I have both versions too, I think this mini album signals that start of what I believe will be GOT7's year. I love Yugeyeom's voice at the start of Never Ever, so much so I've just had it repeating now and again. I love that they've all been involved with this mini album again, I honestly think this Flight Log series has been the best music they've put out, they're the albums I have on repeat the most. I've loved the whole concept throughout the series and loved how each album has been styled. I love the photo book for Arrival as well as all the goodies we get, this album has actually been the first time I've got duplicates of photo cards and event cards. I love the whole layout of Arrival and even though it's all followed the same series each album layout and tracks have been new, fresh and completely different, so far 3 groups have released 3 amazing releases and 1 of them is GOT7 with Arrival, the other 2 will be shared in later posts but so far 2017 is shaping out to be an amazing year for GOT7 and I can't wait for what else is in store from them, I especially look forward to the time when their title track is wrote and composed by them, which they have shown even more through this mini album that they are capable of doing so. Like Turbulence I couldn't stop grinning throughout the album because I loved every track, don't believe me check out some of the tracks now below.

Owned by JYP Entertainment


양심없이 (Don't Care)

By MBCkpop


Shopping Mall

Never Ever
By Mwave

I keep saying that I got the best birthday present for my birthday on the 13th of March with GOT7 making their comeback, it's sad that Jackson was absent at the start but he was missed. I love the log books that we got with pre-orders and I'm glad that there was a Never and Ever version, I really like that there was an official pictures version and a behind the scenes version, instead of both containing the exact same pictures, I think I would have been disappointed if they were the same, let's take a peek.

Never Log Book

Ever Log Book

I think this is the start of an amazing year for GOT7 and I apologise on the fact that today's post is really long from all the pictures from this amazing album. I'm sad that the Flight Log series has come to an end but I'm excited to see what this year now holds for releases from GOT7.

Which version of the Arrival album do you have?
Do you have the log books?
What's you favourite track from Arrival?
Which album from the Flight Log series is your favourite?
What did you think of the concept as a whole?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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