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TWICE - Page Two

Ni Hao

It's time to revisit the girl group I introduced to you at the start of the year: Twice, my first post of the year was the start of Twice's journey with The Story Begins, it's now time to continue their story.

Page Two is the 2nd mini album to be released by Twice, and back in April 2016 on the 11th JYP Entertainment announced that Twice would be making a comeback with their 2nd mini album and revealing that their title track would be called Cheer Up.
On April 17th Cheer Up Teaser 1 was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
April 18th Cheer Up Teaser 2 was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
April 19th Cheer Up Teaser 3 was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
April 20th Cheer Up Teaser 4 was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
April 21st the first M/V teaser was released for Cheer Up.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
April 22nd the second M/V teaser was released for Cheer Up.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 23rd of April the Album Highlight video for Page Two was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 24th/25th of April 2016 the M/V for Cheer Up was released along with Page Two being released both digitally and physically on the same day.
Owned by JYP Entertainment

In the M/V for Cheer Up each member portrays a different character from famous films:
Mina portrays Itsuki Fujii from Love Letter.
Sana portrays Sailor Scout Sailor Moon.
Nayeon portrays Sidney Prescott from the Scream franchise.
Tzuyu portrays Holly Golighty from Breakfast At Tiffany's.
Jeongyeon portrays Faye Wong from Chungking Express.
Dahyun portrays Gisaeng Hwang Jini from Hwan Jin Yi.
Momo is an action heroine inspired by Tomb Raider's Lara Croft.
Chaeyoung is a cowgirl inspired by western cowboy films.
Jihyo is a cheerleader inspired by Bring It On.
Cheer Up went viral on YouTube soon after it's released with the M/V gaining 400,000 views in just 30 minutes, it reached 1 million views in less than 24 hours and surpassed 7 million views in just 2 days.
On May 27th 2016 a special M/V was released to celebrate the Cheer Up M/V reaching 35 million views, titled Twice Avengers.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On June 21st Cheer Up reached 50 million views, becoming 1 of the fastest M/V's from a K-pop group to achieve that goal, November 17th the M/V surpassed 100 million views, making Twice the first K-pop girl group since Girls Generation to have more than 1 M/V with 100 million views.

Twice started promotions on M! Countdown on April 28th, with promotions ending on Inkigayo on the 29th of May, the choreography for Cheer Up was slightly changed Sana's shy shy shy line became a viral meme.

Chaeyoung wrote a new rap for track Precious Love which is a remake of Park Jiyoon's track originally released in 1998.

Cheer Up won a total of 11 music show awards with 3 wins on Inkigayo, 3 wins on M! Countdown and 5 wins on Music Bank making it their first comeback success on music shows, the group also won 7 of their 11 nominations at music show awards for both Cheer Up and Page Two from the end of 2016 to the start of 2017.
Page 2 peaked at No.2 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, No.16 on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart, No.1 on the Five Music Weekly Albums Chart and No.6 on Billboards Weekly World Albums Chart. Page 2 also peaked at No.13 on Gaon's Year-End Albums Chart and No.4 on Five Music's Year-End Albums Chart
The M/V for Cheer Up has gained 139,870,609 million views and views continue to increase with each day.

Page Two was released in 2 versions a pink version and a mint version, both version come in a box case with the boxes corresponding to the colour of the version, both versions also have a different cover with the pink version being them dressed in their character outfits and the mint version them being in their cheerleader outfits.
Both versions come with a banner/garland that you can put together, the pink version spells out Page Two and the mint version spells out Cheer Up, both versions have the track lyrics on the reverse, the pictures in both booklets differ slightly with a few pictures being different and being placed in a different order. The colour concept is seen throughout the whole album including the booklet too. Both versions also come with 3 photo cards and 1 special photo card.

Track List:
Cheer Up
소중한 사랑 (Precious Love)
툭하면 톡 (Ready To Talk)
Headphone 써 (My Headphones On)
I'm Gonna Be a Star (CD only)

I have the pink version of Page Two and the pictures are really pretty, I'm still not 100% remembering names to faces but I'm getting there. While I think Page Two is a really good album, I personally feel that Cheer Up is the best track on the album, I find it frustrating that for Twice's releases I've not had a song jump out at me on the first listen from either if their first 2 mini albums which is nothing against the girls themselves, it's down to who is selecting the tracks to give them. I love the layout of the album and the tracks on the album are great and show off how unique Twice really are and just because they're yet to have an album that really blows me away doesn't mean they won't, if you've checked out my GOT7 posts you'll know that they are one of my favourite groups and their first full length album Identify is my least favourite album from them. I think Twice are still finding themselves in what makes them shine as a group and as individuals, each time they return I'm excited for what their album will bring, I've been put in a bit of a conundrum for their latest comeback as they're up against BTS for music show awards, thankfully there is a weeks difference between their title tracks but it makes it difficult on who I want to win them as I'm a fan of both and want both of them to win awards.

Check out the tracks that really stood out for me after a few listens.
소중한 사랑 (Precious Love)
By Mwave


Headphone 써 (My Headphones On)

Cheer Up 

I'm Gonna Be a Star

Twice's title songs have never disappointed me, I just wish JYP would put them same effort into their albums as well, I continue to wait for them to drop an album that blows me away from start to finish.

What did you think to the Cheer Up concept?
Which version of Page Two d you have?
What's your favourite track from Page Two?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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