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2PM - Gentlemen's Game

Ni Hao

For this weeks K-pop Monday I decided it was time to pay another visit to 2PM, if you haven't already check out my past 2PM posts with GO CRAZY and No.5, I actually mentioned in my last 2PM post that they had released an album last year and that's what I'm sharing with you today.

Gentlemen's Game is 2PM's 6th full length album and was released as a celebration for the groups 8 year anniversary together, it's also their last release as a group as their military enlistments starts this year with Taecyeon being the first member that will enlist this year, only Nichkhun will not be enlisting.
On the 4th of September 2016 member Junho posted the albums release schedule on to his Instagram.

On the 8/9th of September the M/V teaser for their title track Promise (I'll Be) was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 10th of September the Gentlemen's Game Album Spoiler was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 11th of September a choreography spoiler was released for Promise (I'll Be).
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 12th/13th of September the M/V for Promise (I'll Be) was finally released along with their album Gentlemen's Game.
Owned by JYP Entertainment

Like with previous albums the members participated in the creation of their Gentlemen's Game album.
Chansung wrote the lyrics for Uneasy and co-wrote both Make Love and Can't Stop Feeling with member Taecyeon, Chansung also co-composed Make Love and Can't Stop Feeling.
Taecyeon also co-wrote and co-composed their title track Promise (I'll Be), he also co-wrote 향수 (Perfume).
Wooyoung wrote and co-composed Giv U Class, he also co-wrote and co-composed 콧노래 (Humming).

Gentlemen's Game peaked at No.1 on the Gaon Albums Chart, No.12 on the Oricon Albums Chart and No.12 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.
Sadly they failed to win any music show awards with this comeback.
Korea Sales - 69,678+
Japan Sales - 10,969+
Totalling - 80,647+ copies sold.
So far the M/V for Promise (I'll Be) has gained 5,668,936 million views, which increase with each day.

The album was released as a limited edition and a normal edition. The limited edition comes in a large blue box case and set out like a presentation box with the CD at the front and the lyric book in the lid, the CD for the limited edition version is gold. The limited edition comes with a photo booklet that has a member at random on the front cover, which in turn folds out into a poster of that member. The normal edition comes in a smaller black box case with a silver trim, with the CD also being silver, the photo books differ slightly with the limited edition having more pictures of the members and some being black and white while coloured in the normal edition, the lyrics in the normal edition are also in the photo booklet.

Track List:
Promise (I'll Be)
Giv U Class
Make Love
시도때도없이 (Without Trying)
콧노래 (Humming)
어때? (How Is It?)
향수 (Perfume)
My Last
Can't Stop Feeling

I originally wanted to buy the limited edition but by the time I was able to buy it it was no longer available and out of print so I bought the normal edition. I love the whole layout for the album, the pictures, styling and the tracks are amazing. I only have their last 3 full length albums so far which is GO CRAZY, No.5 and this one Gentlemen's Game and out of those 3 albums I have to day that Gentlemen's Game is my favourite for the whole package, each of the members look pretty amazing in their individual shots as well as their group shots. When I received this album I had it on repeat and loved that each track was different from the last and showcased their vocals in a more mature and sultry way, I honestly think you could throw any concept at 2PM and they would be able to pull it off. I found it really difficult to chose only 5 of the tracks I wanted to share with you all as they're all pretty amazing so I hope you like the tracks I've chosen and helps bring you into the Hottest's world.



어때? (How Is It?)

Make Love

Promise (I'll Be)
By KBSKpop

I'm slowly starting to complete my 2PM discoraphy, I do think it will take me a while though with groups like GOT7, BTS and MONSTA X making comebacks in the next couple of months but I do eventually have all of 2PM's albums, I look forward to 2PM's return once they have competed their military enlistments and see what their next release will be.

When did you become a Hottest?
What's your favourite 2PM album?
What's your favourite track from Gentlemen's Game?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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