Friday, 7 October 2016

Real GOT7!

Ni Hao

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I thought I'd do about something a little different for this post, we've had anime and live action so I thought I'd down the reality TV route today.

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Real GOT7 is an online reality YouTube series that follows the South Korean group GOT7. The series provides a different view of the members as they do various activities and are given group and individual missions, their company JYP Entertainment have produced 3 seasons of the show, with each season containing 10 episodes a season that vary in length, each episode are uploaded to the official JYP YouTube channel and include English subtitles allowing international fans to watch and enjoy the show.

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Season 1 follows GOT7 as they prepare for they debut and having fun together with different missions as well as a hidden camera episode where they try to trick youngest member Yugyeom. The different missions include: Image Game, Cooking Challenge and a Teamwork Game.

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Season 2 follows GOT7 behind the scenes as they promote for their 2nd comeback with A, most of season 2 shows them playing a secret angel game where they select a member at random and have to take care of them during promotions without the members figuring out who was taking care of who, the 9th episode was done like an awards where they all disclosed what they did and who for.

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Season 3 was released 7 months after season 2 and mainly follows GOT7 as they have fun together playing games and having more missions, season 3 was shot with at least 1 extended break between episodes 5 & 6, with from episode 6 being involved with their 4th comeback with Just Right. Some challenges and missions include: an Affection Game and another hidden camera titled GOT7 Horror, Just Right.
Season 3 was later made available on DVD, the DVD set came with several bonus material, including previously unreleased footage, 3 making-of videos and 21 episodes of Got2Day, another series available on YouTube that had each member participate in an open talk with each of the other members.

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When I first started listening to GOT7, this was the series I watched to get to know the members better, which after a couple of episodes I had it down for which member was which. Each of the members personalities shines through, Mark is known to be the quiet one within the group but you can tell if he has a task to focus on he's not as quiet, Jinyoung on the other hand I've noticed can be more reserved at times, he is definitely more open when he's with his other members having fun and playing around, he seems to have a fun mode and a serious mode. Jackson on the other hand is the member you can't help but admire and laugh at, you can tell he's an all round out going person. Real GOT7 is definitely a show I recommend all new fans watch to get to know the members, out of the 30 episodes I don't think there is one that didn't make me laugh. Watching this series made me and I'm sure all the IGOT7 feel like they could get along with all the members. I personally even though I'm older than them all could see myself having Youngjae and Mark as really close friends, like Mark I can be pretty quiet and I can also be loud and hyper. I would love to have a day to be able to just hang out with them all and just have fun. I hope that JYP will some day at some point release another season of Real GOT7 as I love watching them interact with one another. Whenever I'm feeling low I stick on Real GOT7 because by the end of just 1 episode I end up feeling a lot brighter within myself and for me that's the power of GOT7. If you want to watch 7 guys fool around having a laugh then I highly recommend you watch Real GOT7, even if you're not a fan I think this show will get you checking out their music and performances. I don't think I've really sold it to you but all I will say is WATCH IT!! and see just how awesome it is.

I actually received their brand new album yesterday Flight Log:Turbulence and I can't wait to share it with you in the future as I feel like a proud mum listening to it, and I'm proud to say they have just won their 2nd award for their new single Hard Carry.


See you soon!

Zai Jian

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