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Super Lovers Anime

Ni hao

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I thought this week's anime post I would post about a Yaoi anime, so shall we get started?
The Super Lovers anime is based off the BL manga of the same name by Miyuki Abe. The anime adaptation was announced in a handout included with the reprint of volume 1 of the W.P.B manga.
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The series is directed by Shinji Ishihira, with the series written by Yoshiko Nakamura. The series animation is done by the animation studio Studio Deen and Miki Takihara is in charge of the characters designs.
The series has one opening theme and one ending theme, the opening theme is Okaeri by Yusuke Yata and the ending theme is Happiness YOU&ME sung by the voice actors of the Kaido brothers: Haru, Ren, Aki and Shima. 
Check them out below.
Okaeri by Yusuke Yata
(I may have got the wrong credit so I apologise if I have)

Happiness YOU&ME by Ren, Haru, Aki & Shima
(I may have got the wrong credit so I apologise if I have)

The series consists of 10 episodes for season 1, with the first season running from 6th April 2016 to 8th June 2016, a second season has been announced and scheduled for release in January 2017 again through Studio Deen.
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The series follows characters Haru and Ren as they meet in Canada when Haru visits his birth mother Haruko and meets an antisocial 8 year old Ren, on arrival Haru is told he is to make Ren more civil as Ren spends most of his time with Haruko's dogs and barely speaking to anyone. Ren eventually comes to trust Haru and becomes attached to him to which Haru and Ren make a promise with one another that Ren will eventually move to Japan and all live together as a family. On Haru's return to Japan he is in a car accident with his father and step mother to which Haru is the only survivor, the accident causes Haru to lose all his past memories including those spent with Ren. 5 years later Ren arrives in Japan to fulfil the promise they made to live together, together with Haru and his half brothers Aki and Shima they find out that before their death the Kaido's had in fact adopted Ren meaning Ren was now part of their family. Haru eventually regains his memories including those of Ren and their relationship begins to change from brothers to lovers.
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I started this series this year when I found the manga on my Manga Rock app and I;m really enjoying the manga, I enjoy reading everything through Ren's perspective as he learns to trust people other than Haru in his life. I was ecstatic when I found out that it had been made into an anime and even more excited when I finished season 1 to learn that it had already been announced that there is going to be a season 2 and I don't have a long wait for it's return unlike some of the shows I follow. I know this series won't be for everyone and many may not like the whole brothers to lovers aspect of it but I don't acknowledge that part of the story as I've never looked at them as they are brothers more like 2 people that care for one another, which in time grows to attraction and love for one another. I could continuously praise this series like I do with the other series' I post about but each time I do I realise that only the reader can say if it's something they would enjoy. I've also learnt through these posts that I'm not really that good at selling the series' that I enjoy but even if just one person finds a new anime to enjoy after reading my posts then I'm happy/
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Are you a fan of Super Lovers?
Do you have any anime recommendations for me?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

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