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DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything!

Ni Hao

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I thought for this weeks manga post I'd do about something different, different in the way that it's not Japanese and it's not in the category of manga.
DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything is a Korean webtoon which is a comic that is published online, it's created by Yun HyunSeok and is still ongoing with it being published on Naver since May 2013. So far the series consists of 159 chapters.

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The series follows main character Dongtae; as he begins the the series at the bottom of the social food chain. He's constantly bullied and always fails to approach his crush, a pretty and popular girl called Eunju, his luck begins to change when he becomes a Dicer. Throughout the series Dongtae gains new friends as well as enemies, some of which start as his friends.

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The series plot revolves around dive that are supernatural devices that game master X distributes according to the completion of quests he hands out by the players known as Dicers, the dice can enhance their owners physical and intellectual traits, and even create supernatural skills. The dice are split into 6 different categories: Ordinary, A-rank, S-rank, Soul die, Battle dice and Enchant die; all Dicer's start with ordinary dice that they have to roll to activate as theirs. Once activated they can synchronise the dice to whichever trait they wish to increase. All the A-rank dice are rare and grant the user supernatural skills, Dongtae becomes an A-rank dicer and earns the Time Pause dice meaning her can stop time and people within a large radius for 10 seconds, the only people it does not affect is other Time Pause users. The other A-rank dice skills are: Teleportation, Clairvoyance, Levitation, Cloaking and Psychokinesis, all of which are in use by a dicer so far in the series. The main aim of the dicers game is to become the strongest dicer to be given the chance to battle the game master X, and if X is beaten the dicer becomes in control of the dice and the world to change or do whatever the winner pleases. Dongtae is on his own mission in the battle to keep the dice in the world as another fights to win to destroy all the dice and make things go back to how they used to be something which Dongtae doesn't want to return to. His mission is to stop X in his deadly game while the other dicers are fighting one another to win the game. As of yet the S-rank dice is yet to be revealed, with people believing that X is in control of that dice.

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I found this series on my Manga Rock app and I like the cover used for it so thought I'd give the description a read which intrigued me enough to stick it in my favourites and give it a read.
Dongate is rock bottom in everything;
Looks, grades, life, everything;
But all that might change.
If you could change your life by playing a game, would you?
I did find it a bit slow paced to begin with but it's become one the series' that I continuously check to see if it has been updated so I can continue the fight that's going on between the characters, it took me a bit of getting used to reading it too as I'm used to the usual Japanese manga panels whereas this one I had to scroll down on each page to finish the page. The chapters seem a lot shorter too than other series' I've read but I think it adds to the cliffhanger aspect of each chapter making you want to continue reading. I personally would love to see this be created into an anime or even into a live-action movie or series seen as that seems to be the trend these days. It's thanks to this series that I've been introduced to more of the Korean entertainment industry, I naively assumed manga would all be created by the Japanese and I'm on the lookout for more webtoon comics to try.

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Have you read DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything?
What are your thoughts?
Do you read other webtoon comics?
Comment below to let me know.

See you soon!

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