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Inevitable By Nicole Skillen Book Review

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I thought it was time that I shared with you another book review, one of the things I want to try and do this year is read a lot more books, I've had a massive pile of books that's in my to read list since last July/August so what better way to start than a brand new year and a brand new month albeit it's the end of the month but it's a start.

My first read of 2016 is a book called Inevitable by new and upcoming Author Nicole Skillen, this book is Nicole's first published book and follows the story of a young woman called Kacy and her journey through love, lust, romance and heartbreak as well as her journey from hard working student to finally getting the job of her dreams. This isn't the usual romance story I've read and being a fan of Yaoi manga aka Boy Love manga I couldn't see why I couldn't give a gay romance book a go because to me whether it's a guy and a girl, a guy and a guy or a girl and a girl it makes no difference to me what does it matter to someone's gender when they love one another.

Love, Lust, Romance
Inevitable is an ultra-modern, intimate work of fiction by this young and talented author. It tells the story of Kacy Sullivan, a beautiful, intelligent young woman, who just turning 21 hasn't yet experienced an epic love.
Kacy has the world at her feet, on the brink of finishing her final exams and securing the Job of her dreams, a long awaited night out puts the final pieces of the puzzle together. Kacy meets Alex, at 23 she owns and runs her own bar, severely independent and incredibly good-looking it seems Alex has what every young woman living in the Heart of North Carolina could ever want. There’s just one thing missing for her, the love of a woman.
It seems the two are meant for one another until a series of unfortunate events pushes their relationship to the brink.
Will they fight for what they have? Or give up all together?
Sometimes we find that love isn't always enough.

I want to start off by saying I started and finished this book within 3 hours, I love that it's a short but sweet story containing 14 chapters and 183 pages and I personally went on a journey with the main character Kacy, I followed her on her ups and downs and her highs and lows. I've said before that I often have trouble getting into books but as you can see with this one I couldn't put it down. For me as the reader I felt that whether your male, female, straight, bisexual or gay anyone could place themselves within Kacy's shoes and understand what she's gone through, if you've never felt your heartbreak then your either lying or haven't lived. I love how I could easily connect with both the characters and the emotions within the story showing that Nicole has what it takes for her future books to continue to keep her readers enticed and connected, when Kacy felt excited and got butterflies so did I, when she felt heartbroken so did I to the point that I cried when she cried. I don't want to give any of the story away but there are twists and turns that I wasn't expecting, when I thought I had the story figured out it took another twist and kept me on the edge of my seat.
I noticed 2/3 spelling mistakes but they weren't too noticeable that it distracted from what you were reading but as a first book it's still a learning curve and I have high hopes for Nicole and her future releases to which I hope there are many more and I eagerly await her 2nd release, I do hope to read more of Kacy's story some time in the future but I would love Nicole to expand her horizons before revisiting her first creation.
One of the lines in the book that really stuck with me comes from Kacy saying there are plenty of other people waiting around the corner, more opportunity's waiting to be discovered because life is never over until your eyes close forever. I think this is something that Nicole could use as a message from this book as no matter the obstacles we hit we can always work our way past them just as long as you never give up, as I personally think that the day you should give up trying and fighting is the day you take you last breath.

Let me wrap this up by saying that in short this is an incredible first book and I highly recommend others to read it and witness this amazing and beautiful story of Kacy Sullivan.
Nicole if by any chance your reading this I apologise that this all may seem all over the place but I finished reading it at 1am and couldn't wait to write my review on it, just know you've worked hard and it's paid off, this book is Inevitable.

If you would like to purchase Inevitable then click on the hyperlink.

Have you read the book?

What did you think?

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