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Hyuna: A Talk

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I thought with this week's K-pop Monday I'd introduce you to another idol that I've really gotten into in the past year but first noticed her back in 2012, the year that K-pop finally hit the UK with everyone knowing the dance and talking about the song, what song am I talking about I hear you ask; well I'm sure you all know of a little song by Psy called Gangnam Style in the MV we got she is only seen dancing with him (she appears from the train scene) but the track was re-released with Hyuna singing on the track also, check out her version below:
Psy ft Hyuna - Gangnam Style
(By Bodhisatwa Mukhopadhiyay)

Hyuna is a member of a girl group named 4minute and can be seen both singing and rapping within the group, one of the first songs I saw of 4minute was a track called Heart To Heart and although I really liked the song I didn't get sucked into the 4minute world, then I saw the Bubble Pop! MV and just couldn't get into it (this has now changed I think with how young she looked the video made me feel uncomfortable), let me share them with you now.
4Minute - Heart To Heart
(By 4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel))

Hyuna - Bubble Pop!

The release I'm sharing with you today is her third solo mini album, an album I didn't get till last year after it's lead single Red grew on me, it was another MV that made me feel slightly uncomfortable but looking back on when I first watched it I think I was jealous on just how PERFECT she is, now if I watch any of her older releases they make me feel uncomfortable just because that's not the badass Hyuna I've grown to enjoy the music of. 

Let me take you back to June 26th 2014 when Cube Entertainment announced that Hyuna would be making a comeback with her 3rd mini album, with a reality show dropping on the 21st of July showing Hyuna's preperation and comeback for the album. On July 22nd Cube Entertainment released a teaser onto 4Minutes official YouTube channel, revealing the title track to be Red. The teaser reveals some of the music as well as teasing the sultry MV. The very next day on July 23rd Cube Entertainment released a 2nd teaser revealing more of the MV as well as revealing some of the vocals and ending both teasers with the release date and time of the MV. Just 4 days later the Red MV dropped on the 27th of July showing a more mature Hyuna with a more sultry MV that had been seen before, from seeing comments when watching the MV I couldn't help noticing the amount of slut shaming she got, yes the MV is sultry but in no way has it been done in a cheesy way and I think the MV goes along with the lyrics, one line of the song is translated as 'Hyuna's back a better body than anyone else' if anything personally to me I wish I could have the confidence she shows when performing this song, some may see it as sleezy but I think it should be empowering for women to hold their hands up and say I am me, no one is better than I am. I had trouble getting the MV on here to share with you so here's the YouTube link for RED.

On July 28th her mini album A Talk was released digitally and released on CD the next day on the 29thon August 11th A Talk charted at number 3 on Korea's Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, the album reached number 17 on the monthly album chart, with the single Red also reaching number 3 on the Gaon Weekly Digital Chart. Red also got Hyuna her first ever music show award, proving this comeback was bigger and better than before, Rolling Stone also named Red number 5 on their year-end list of the top ten music video's of 2014.

A Talk is set out in a white box case with a clear slipcase with A Talk wrote in white at the front, with Red being the main colour throughout the case. The CD is hidden behind a red covered booklet. The pictures within the booklet are sexy and sultry and show just how Hyuna is changing as she grows into a stunning South Korean siren, Hyuna has been compared to both Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj since the release of red but in my opinion she's more classy where as things I have seen from both Miley and Nicki have been kind of trashy, I would have Hyuna as a role model for my daughter any day over Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, she's even a role model for me and I'm her unnie (older).

Track List:
빨개요 (RED)
 어디부터 어디까지 (WITH 양요섭)(FROM WHERE AND UNTIL WHERE WITH Yang Yoseob)

I personally think this is an amazing mini album and I would recommend it to anyone that's never listened to anything of Hyuna's before, I love both her singing and rapping voice, I love how different they both are, especially when she raps to me she has a unique voice that I've not heard with other rappers in K-pop, I definitely got sucked into Hyuna's world with this mini album and have since paid more attention to her solo music as well as 4Minute's music and I can't wait to introduce more of her music to you all, only Hyuna can say she is the best and get away with it. Check out her album tracks below:
(By MBCkpop)

(By Elinee A)

(RED) lyrics
(By WispyBlade)

(RED) live
(By MBCkpop)

(By Kpopwars Oktober)

(By MBCkpop)

(By allkpopsubs)

Which lead track is your favourite Hyuna solo?
Do you have a favourite track from the A Talk album?
Comment below.

See you soon!

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