Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Asian Fashion: Short-Sleeve Frilled-Trim Chiffon Dress & Bow-Accent Heel Sandals

An nyoung
Ni hao

Welcome back for another Fashion post, this dress and these shoes were both purchased from my favourite online Asian Fashion store Yesstyle, first up on this post is a dress that is very similar to the last Asian Fashion post but this one if you've noticed is short-sleeved and a different colour.

This dress is from a Japanese brand called JK2 and when I originally bought it about a month a go it was available in two different colours Dark Blue and Purple (sadly the dress is no longer available) and looking at their other items they stock items from everyday to evening gowns they have a lot of selection for what occasion you may be looking for. 

Like my other dress this one also has a decorative row of buttons and pintucks on the bodice, with a frilled collar and frilled sleeves with a pretty tie-back. It looks stunning in both the colours but I decided on the Dark Blue as I thought the Purple may have been too bright for my skin, plus I wanted to stay within my colour comfort zone knowing that the dark blue would suit me.

Like my previous dress the Chiffon fabric is gorgeous with it skimming over my figure showing off my curves in the right places, it's definitely going to be joining my everyday favourites. I think many insecurities some women have is that a dress or skirt doesn't show off their figures in the right way making them fall back on their comfortable clothes like jeans, and many ladies feel like they're not feminine or girly enough to pull of pretty and colourful outfits. I know I never used to feel girly and confident enough to wear the things I do now.

Like all orders I make with Yesstyle I was scared and nervous that I would have got the size wrong and the dress would be too tight but it fits just right, it thankfully hides all my lumps and bumps with it also emphasising on my smaller assets.

The dress is pretty easy to get into with a zip down the side hidden away from view with it matching the materials colour, the not so easy part is the top button it fastens with a small piece of elastic which doesn't bother me it's just sometimes difficult to get the elastic at the right angle to fit both the button and fingertips through, strangely enough it always seems a lot easier to unfasten then it is to fasten. This dress makes me feel grown up and sophisticated, it's a dress that I would wear for meeting up with the girls, going for sophisticated cocktails and you could even wear it for job interviews. I've worn this dress with both flats and heels and they both complimented the dress really well.

The first time I wore this dress it was for my friends birthday meal in which we went to an Indian Restaurant and the second time I wore it was for another one of my friends baby shower which I thought it was very elegant for the occasion plus she's having a boy so I thought there was no better and no other colour I could and should wear.

Now my next item are my first Yesstyle shoe purchase and not my last, the moment I saw these shoes on the site I fell in love and felt the desire and need to have them in my life, I was petrified that these beauties weren't going to fit me right as I've never bought Asian footwear. They are available in four different main colours: Pink, White, Yellow and Blue, all four colours look stunning but I was drawn the to the pink one, the blue bows just goes perfectly with the pink. They are from a Chinese brand called Shoes Galore (I'm assuming they are Chinese as they are the sizes you choose from).

I really struggled on deciding on a size as i was worried that they would either be too tight or too big but I was surprised when they were just right, depending on which foot I looked at. Like all new shoes they did feel tight but I think that was because of the material as it seems really sturdy. They even came with sole inserts for added comfort for my feet.

They looked and felt amazing on and I definitely felt girly in them, I've also noticed as I've got older the higher the heel the less comfortable they are but these are a perfect heel height and are easy and comfortable to walk around in, my only problem is as I walk my toes slip over the front of the shoe but not too much that it's noticeable.

I can't recommend these shoes enough and even if you don't wish to buy from them yet it pays to have a look around the site at all the shoes as they at lot of amazing choices, it took me over a year to finally buy a pair and just recently bought my second pair. Check out my Shopping in Leeds! post to see them.

Check out more pictures from my selfie shoot below.

I was going to post about a different dress today but to be honest I was in a lazy mood and couldn't bring myself to apply my make up, and with me cooking didn't want to make my dress smell of cooking, plus the weather is miserable, so right now I'm sat with a make-up free face, jeans and my 'I'm not a princess, I'm a khaleesi' top. I started the day feeling self conscious but doing this post has brightened my mood, I'm sure I'm not the only one that has their bad days.
See you soon!

An nyoung
Zai Jian


  1. Your shoes are really cute! I love soft colour! Let's connect on Bloglovin & Twitter Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

    1. I fell in love with the shoes as soon as I saw them.


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