Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Betoyo Bento Box: June Edition

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

So I'm kinda late with the post as I've now got my July box but it's that time again for the goodies I got in my Betoyo Subscription, I'm not going to lie I got a few things in this box that I have no idea of what it's from but from watching other Betoyo unboxings I got help with this so here goes.
I never said on my last Betoyo post that it comes in your normal grey plastic shipping pack, so when it reached me it looked like this:

They have also started wrapping the boxes to look like a Bento Box and it makes it look so much better and expensive, to be honest it makes it look really pretty I didn't want to take it off. The fabric itself is also really pretty and feels really nice, it's something I'd use as a fabric headband.

Underneath was the usual white box with the store's  sticker on top of the lid and inside is where the goodies lie.

On top of the goodies was the main big item so I'm going to leave that till last.
First was a glasses case with a character called MonoKuma from Danganronpa ans i have no idea what that is, when I first saw it I thought it was Kon from Bleach. The quality of the glasses case is amazing you can tell they are made really well and are really sturdy and lined with a beige felt.

Inside the glasses case was a small chocolate shaped banana which was the Japanese snack for this month's box. It tasted like the usual banana flavoured sweets, I'm not really a fan of banana flavoured sweets but it was edible.

Next was a key chain from Danganronpa and I think I got MonoKuma again.

Next is a little cushion that it's main use was a screen cleaner, it's from something called TouHou, it's another thing that I don't know what it is as I haven't heard of it but it's really cute not sure on the character I have either.

Next was a 3d puzzle from something called Yo-Kai Watch I got a character called Warunyan it's another one I've not seen or heard of before. The puzzle didn't come with instructions and it took me a while to do as the pieces wouldn't stay in place.

Lastly onto the main item from the box, this item was my favourite and the only item I knew who she was and what she's from, it was listed as a beach towel but feels too thin to be one. It seems more like a fabric tapestry and if I use it may have it as a blanket or a throw at the bottom of my bed. Let me introduce you to Hatsune Miku (Japanese names always start with their surname) she is in a group called The Vocaloids, all characters of the Vocaloids are computer animated and everything down to their voices is all done with a computer programme, they have took Japan by storm and Hatsune Miku is staged as the main singer/member of the group, she even supported Lady Gaga last year on her American leg of her tour. Hatsune Miku is my favourite Vocaloid.
Hatsune Miku

Well that's then end of the products in my June box, I really recommend these boxes as they obviously got into so much effort getting the boxes ready and they are really worth the money.
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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  1. Love the blanket and the material it's wrapped in, super cute x

    1. I squealed so much when I saw I had Miku