Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Baked Goods: Japanese Cheesecake

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So today I'm going to share with you a recipe I saw someone share on Facebook and for 2 reasons it stood out to me: 1) it only required 3 ingredients. 2) it's Japanese. If you haven't noticed yet I have a love of all things Asian, mainly Korean, Chinese and Japanese, so I felt I had to try this recipe. The recipe I followed (after searching online for 3 ingredient japanese cheesecake) was a video on YouTube by a channel called Ochikeron she posts about home cooked Japanese food, it all looks amazing, I definitely hope to try her recipes for you  (I obviously subscribed to her channel). Let's get you baking.

3 Eggs
120g White Chocolate 
120g Cream Cheese 

I started by pre heating the oven to 170°c, then I placed the chocolate into a bowl over a pan of boiled water.
While the chocolate melted I separated the eggs and placed the egg whites into a bowl and into the fridge to keep cool till I needed them, I also measured out the cream cheese.
Egg whites
Egg yolks 
When the chocolate had melted I put in the cream cheese to melt into the chocolate, while they were combining I prepared my cake tin (the recipe requires a 15cm cake tin but only had a 20cm tin), I greased the cake tin with butter and then lined it with parchment and greased the parchment so it wouldn't break the cake when removing.
Once the chocolate and cream cheese had melted and mixed together I removed the bowl from the pan and then added the egg yolks to the mixture and mixed until combined.

Next I got the egg whites out of the fridge and with a handheld electric whisk I whisked the whites till the were stiff peaks, I even did the meringue challenge and held it above my head. I then added 1/3 of the meringue mixture into the chocolate mixture and mixed well, I then added the rest of the meringue mixture 1/2 at a time and mixed well till combined. I then poured the mixture into the cake tin and dropped the tin lightly on the counter 3 times to bring the air bubbles to the top.

I placed the cake tin onto a baking tray and then poured hot water into the tray and put it into the oven for 15 minutes.
I then placed it into the oven for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes I lowered the temperature to 160°c and left for another 15 minutes and then turned off the oven and left the cake for another 15 minutes in the remaining heat, once removed from the oven I let it cool completely before plating it up and then sprinkling icing sugar over the top.

I really recommend checking out Ochikeron's YouTube channel.

Well that's it for another baking blog hope you give the recipe a go.
See you soon! 

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  1. Looks good did it taste nice?


    1. Yeah, I thought it did n Nichola ate it all lol (obviously all her slice not the full cake l) I'll have to make it again when we have a get together.