Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

It's that time again that I reveal how bad I have been with exercise and eating healthy. With starting work at lot earlier I've not had the chance to do any exercise plus not really any healthy meals (baking doesn't help either) plus towards the end I got really bad with my teatox. I must be doing something right though as I am constantly pulling up my work trousers and last week I tried on a skirt that was size 10 and it fit me, I couldn't believe it I'm on the right road. Most of my clothes are still size 8/10 and are starting to feel comfortable again it's Judy my tummy to tone. Well let's do this.

Last weigh in:
9st 2lb 
Current weigh in:
9st 2lb 
Arm measurement:
Bust measurement:
Waist measurement:
Hips measurement:
Thigh measurement:
Calf measurement:
Ankle measurement:

I do my measurements in cms as the Asian online clothes store that I use shows all their clothes measurements in cms so on their site I vary between medium - XL where as here I vary from a 6 - 10 in tops and 10 - 12 in bottoms. I have a few Asian items that at the moment are too small and use them to see if I'm any closer to fitting into them. I have also included my thigh, calf and ankle measurements as I would love to have the legs that most Asian idols have. Something I didn't know till I got into k-pop is that legs have a golden ratio that makes them the ideal and perfect legs which is 5:3:2 (thickest part of thigh 50's, thickest part of calf 30's and narrowest part of calf 20's) so in my case with my ankle being 20cm I need to lose 8cm from my thighs and 2cms from my calf to have perfect legs. Whatever your ankle measurement is for example 22cm then your thighs 52cm and calf's 32cm.

This is the workout Tiffany of Girls Generation
does for her perfect legs.

I really need to get my bum in gear and set myself days to work out and have a food plan for the week so I stick to what I want to achieve, I do think I can see a difference and my bum is feeling more toned than it used to be.
See you soon!

An nyoung 
Zai Jian