Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Weigh In Wednesday!

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

Well it's weigh in wednesday, I'm not going to lie but I don't expect to have lost much if any weight, if anything the only changes I feel and slightly notice is that my bum seems to be beginning to tone up and my thighs starting to slim down and tone up.
Healthy eating is something I find hard to do especially if I can't get to buy the ingredients or find a recipe to follow, most of the time I'm that hungry I just want something quick and easy to eat after work. My main downfall is I don't always have breakfast. If I do have breakfast I have porridge with fruit and cinnamon. 
Porridge with sliced banana, raspberries & cinnamon.

I always feel defeated when it comes to doing my exercise DVD as it's recommended that I do it four times a week but at most I get to do it two to three times which would be the weekend and a day I can use the living room in the morning as there isn't enough room in my bedroom so I don't feel I'm getting the full effects of the dvd. I have wrote down the  food plan from the dvd though so I can at least try and eat a but better.
The one thing I will say is that I love doing this dvd as I don't feel I've had a good workout if I'm not covered in sweat.
I'm still doing Charlotte's 3 minute belly blitz.
I'm also going to start revealing my measurements too in a few weeks to show any change.

Last weigh in:
9st 2lb
Current weigh in:
9st 2lb 
Arm measurement:
Coming soon!
Bust measurement:
Coming soon!
Waist measurement:
Coming soon!
Hip measurement:
Coming soon!
Thigh measurement:
Coming soon!

As much as I give my all when I workout I just don't get the time to do it as much as I want to. 
A customer at work put things into perspective for me and my friend Lisa when we were complaining about our body shapes revealing we should be happy with what we've got as she was a survivor of breast cancer and had had both her breasts removed, I've never said my desire is to lose weight but to tone and improve what I do already have and make myself healthier. People assume that if your fat your unhealthy and out of shape but that's not always the case, people will look at my weight and think it's nothing I agree but I can't run more than 5 minutes without being out of breath because I'm unfit. 
Let's do this together.
see you soon!

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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