Monday, 6 April 2015

March: birthday madness and new goals

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

Well March was full of fun and hectic weekends, to begin with it was Skye's birthday the 1st, to start of the celebrations we had an Alice in wonderland themed birthday party on the 28th of February. All the party food was set out as a tea party with ham, cheese and tuna and cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini sausages, mini pizzas, chicken nuggets, crisps, Alice themed cupcakes, shortbread biscuits in the shape of the card suits, teacups and teapots also a lemon pie and a key lime pie. As a centrepiece there was a pink teapot with blue and pink teacups and saucers and also a glass teapot filled with water and flowers. She had a 3 tier birthday cake and like me she is a girls generation fan so I made her a girls generation cake which she thought was in her words awesome.

She got lots of presents for her birthday and we went to wagamamas, she definitely enjoyed her day.

Next came my birthday, I spent the day with one of my close friends and the next day me and a group if friends went to an Indian restaurant and then back to one of their houses for drinks and presents. My birthday presents definitely represented who I am as I got everything Disney and Asian related minus a fifty shades of grey birthday card.

The weekend after my birthday I went out for food and drinks with another of my close friends, we went to a place called the glasshouse I had fish with with herb buttery potatoes and we shared a bottle of rose. 

Then after that we went to another pub and had more drinks.
While all this was happening I decided to start watching what I eat and snacking less and to kick start it all off I started a detox tea called skinny mint which was available in either a 14 day detox or a 28 day teatox. I couldn't fault the teas, I may not have exercised as prompted with it but I can definitely feel a difference from doing it, I was prone to bloating no matter what I ate or drank and since my teatox I've been able to drink and eat without bloating which means I've been able to eat more of my meal and snacked less.

I never really had much of a breakfast either but decided on having porridge with fruit each morning with my tea. Each teatox came with 2 packets of teabags: one bag containing 14 morning teabags that you had every morning and one bag containing 7 night cleanse teabags that you had every other night starting from day. The morning tea tasted like a fruit tea while the night tea had a green tea/nettle tea taste to it. If you ever have problems when it comes to bloating etc I really recommend this detox, check them out at they also have a Facebook page and an instagram page. 
Along with the teatox I've tried eating all better and I feel there is no better way to eat healthier than japanese cuisine so I often go to wagamamas and order freshly made juice.

Well even though there's still so much to go on about and share I'm going to save them for more blogs like my sushi lessons I recently had and my recently started pop subscription.
For now it's: 
Zai Jian

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