Saturday, 3 August 2013

No Deidara art is dressing up creating an illusion

Okay so I'm new to this blog business and seeing my friend and her sister's blogs has made me want to lose my blog virginity if you will, and to start off with is my love and obsession of dressing up Cosplay etc (not so much at the moment).

I've lost count of how many outfits I have and if I could go out every night in fancy dress I bloody well would. This year I went out for my birthday as an anime character called Musubi, she's from Sekirei and some random guy (because I had no interest in talking to him) started going on about how I shouldn't be dressed like her because I wasn't like her in my personality. LIKE WHATEVER. Isn't the whole point in cosplay, fancy dress etc being able to dress up as people that you think are amazing and to for one day/night be someone other than yourself and forget whatever troubles you may have.


I'd love to be able to get more anime outfits like Lenalee Lee from D-gray Man.
Innocence activate

I'd also love from naruto Shippuden Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga.


Well think that's it for now, hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
Manga_Leann signing out.

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