Wednesday, 14 August 2013

GRAZE: the way to snack

Recently started receiving graze box's that are basically recylced an recyclable boxes full of 4 small portions of snacks etc.

I get these little treasures every Monday and everything I have had so far has been delicious and not a bad price, each box is £3.89 each and you can choose whether you get them weekly, fortnightly etc. Decided that each week I will do a review on the box I have received, so far I have had 3 boxes (I get mine weekly).

My first box I received apple and cinnamon flapjack, toffe apple, scrumptious blueberry swirl and lightly toasted pistachio's. The apple and cinnamon flapjack was gorgeous I couldn't fault it. The toffee apple was basically dried apple slices with a toffee sauce to dip into, when I saw it I didn't think it looked appetising but it was really nice. The scrumptious blueberry swirl were blueberry yoghurt raisins and raspberry infused cranberries and blackcurrants,  these I can't wait to have again they were healthy, tasty and part of your 5 a day. Lastly the lightly toasted pistachio's don't think they need much explanation but they were good.

The second box I received crunchini basilico, the British barbecue, slightly sweet popcorn and apple and blackcurrant crumble with a blackberry compote. The crunshini basilico was basil crunchini and basil infused dipping oil (looks like stale bread) was rather good. the British barbecue was rosemary crostini, mini basil breadsticks, fiery seeds and smoked almonds, I can't wait to get this one again they were awesome. The slightly sweet popcorn is just basically a healthier version to what u can normally buy and it still tasted satisfying. Lastly the apple and blackcurrant crumble was mouth watering and the blackberry compote complemented it so it was that much better.

Well that's it for now, I've not finished my new box so will the next review will come later in the week when I have finished my last snack pot. If anyone is interested in looking up about graze boxes then visit and if you fancy giving it a go use the code 1TYXVZ7D and you can get your first box free.

Manga_leann signing out

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