Friday, 28 July 2017

Kawaii Box: June Edition!

(Ni Hao)

When looking online for what items I got in this box, I noticed there was no box for May and the box I had was for June so we've jumped a month. I am now resubscribed with Kawaii Box so I will continue to get my boxes.
Lets take a look shall we?

Here's a little sneak peak.

First up we have a KOREAN DECO TAPE SET, these sets are available in 4 different styles so we get sent one at random. These are ideal for jazzing up work books and even using them to wrap up gifts for other people, Skye likes using things like this so I will be passing it onto her.

Next we have a MEITO PUKU PUKU TAI FISH SHAPED WAFER - STRAWBERRY, I love getting Japanese candy in the Kawaii Boxes it definitely makes me went to get online and buy more. I'm not normally a fan of strawberry flavoured candy or sweets, but this did taste really nice and I'd happily have it again and maybe even try the plain chocolate one too.

Next we have a AMUSE MAMESHIBA PLUSHIE CHARM, how cute are these little plushie charms? There are 4 different dogs and you can either choose your favourite or collect them all. I'm assuming we were sent one of these little guys at random and I think I got the one I would have picked myself if I was to buy one of them. I'm not sure on what to do with this little guy yet, but I know that he's too cute to ignore.

Next we have a HEART GUDETAMA PUDDING KIT DIY KIT 2, this is another thing I enjoy getting in the Kawaii Boxes, this one I had to look for a how to on YouTube as I didn't understand everything it told me to do on the back of the packaging. Even though it took a while to make, it was fun to do and even though I didn't 100% enjoy the taste of the yolk part, everything else tasted really nice.

Next we have a MOLANG CHARM & KEYCHAIN, this charm is available in 12 different styles, all 12 are really Kawaii but if I was going to pick one myself, the charm I received in my box was the one I'd personally pick. I'm in need of a new handbag so when I get one I'm going to attach it to my bag.

Next we have KAWAII STICKY NOTES, there is 8 different styles of these sticky notes and they're all connected via Japanese culture in some way. I got one of my favourite things about Japan and their cuisine and that's sushi and sashimi. I will be keeping these for myself and can't wait to be able to use them.

Next we have a PASTEL BEAR GLITTER STRAWBERRY STICKER SET, personally for me, I have no use for these stickers but I always pass them on to Skye so she can use them herself. You can use them to pretty much decorate anything you want from your notebook, to your phone, to gifts and cards and they're meant to smell of strawberries, which is always pleasant.

Next we have a BLIPPO STAR BRACELET, this is insanely cute and adorable and I will be keeping this little Kawaii bracelet for myself. There are 6 different coloured bracelets available, each bracelet has stars and little silver balls and can be warn with any outfit and on any occasion.

Next we have GUDETAMA BEE SOCKS, this is another item that I love getting in the Kawaii Boxes, I often wear the pairs of socks that we've received in past boxes and it will be no different with these ones. They fit my feet perfectly and are so comfy and warm.

Lastly we have a LETS PLAY ERASABLE PEN, I always save the pens I get in my Kawaii Boxes to use for my note taking for my blog posts, but I'm not a big fan of how this pen writes but I do LOVE the fact that with this pen if you make a mistake, instead of crossing it out you can just use the attached eraser and make it disappear. This pen is available in 4 different styles but all styles comes with the special eraser attached to the lid.

Value of June Kawaii Box: £19.34

Now let me get to the business side of the Kawaii Box subscription, remember whatever month you subscribe as long as it's before the shipment date you will get that months box. Each box comes with 10-12 Japanese and Korean kawaii items and no matter where in the month you subscribe you will get that months box shipped out to you so if you signed up on the 30th of November you would still get Novembers box as your first box. You get the choice of which subscription plan you would like, there's a 1 year plan which you pay $214.80 upfront and get a box free which works out around £175.11 and it ends after the 12 months, there's a 6 month plan which the site features as their most popular option which is $112.80 upfront which saves you $6 which works out as £91.96 saving £4.89 and this one also ends after the 6 months, there's a 3 month plan which is $59.40 upfront which they also advertise as the perfect gift idea which comes in at £48.42 which also ends after the 3 months and finally there is the 1 month plan which is the plan I am on which is $19.80 which is a re-occurring payment plan that you can cancel at anytime and works out at £16.14. All 4 plans come with free shipping and also an automatic entry into their kawaii megabox raffle valued over $100 (£81.52). If you're interested in subscribing or just even checking it out then click HERE to go to the site.

If you don't want to subscribe then check out the site BLIPPO where all the items featured in this post are available with many more kawaii items to choose from.

If you just want Japanese Candy they have a subscription box similar to the Kawaii box options you can check that out HERE.

Keep it Kawaii

See you soon!



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