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Lay - Lose Control

Ni Hao

This week's K-pop Monday is about Lay and his first solo mini album, Lay is a member of the South Korean male group EXO, he's the only remaining Chinese member and in 2016 became the first member from EXO to have his first official solo debut.

Back on the 21st of September 2016, it was announced that Lay would be releasing his first solo mini album in October, several days later on the 6th/7th of October 2016 on the day of his birthday Lay released an M/V titled what U need as a gift to his fans.
Owned by SM Entertainment
what U need peaked at No.1 on the Alibaba Real Time Music Chart in China, the track peaked at No.4 on the China V Chart as well as the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart and made the Top 60 on the US iTunes Chart, making Lay the first Chinese solo artist to appear on the chart. Both the M/V and single appeared at the top of music charts in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, The UK, Turkey, Canada and the US.

On October 25th an M/V teaser was released for his title track Lose Control.
Owned by SM Entertainment
A few days later on the 2th/28th of October 2016 the M/V was released for Lose Control along with the digital and physical release of his first mini album Lose Control.
Owned by SM Entertainment 

Lay was heavily involved in the making of the album with him acting as producer as well as being personally in charge of the composition, arrangement and writing of the lyrics for all the tracks that appeared on the mini album.

Lose Control broke the record in South Korea for most sales by a solo artist, with pre-orders for the mini album surpassing 220,000 copies, which caused lack of supplies and that not all pre-orders were able to be fulfilled on the first day. Physical album sales exceeded 50,000 copies a day after it's release, Lay also broke the record for highest number of physical albums sales for a solo artist, with the first weekend exceeding 97,000 copies and had sold more than 125,000 copies in 7 days, the highest first-week sales by a solo artist.
Over 1,000,000 million copies of the digital album has been sold so far on Xiami, Lose Control broke 7 out of 8 Guinness World Records on the YinYueTai China Weekly Chart. Lose Control had high chart positions for it's week, Month and Year of release with it peaking at No.1 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, No.34 on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart, No.23 on Billboards Weekly Top Heatseekers Albums Chart and No.4 on Billboards Weekly World Albums Chart. It peaked again at No.1 on the Gaon Monthly Albums Chart as well as peaking at No.1 on the YinYueTai Year-End Albums Chart and No.7 on the Gaon 2016 Yearly Albums Chart.
Korean Sales:-
275,116+ copies
Japanese Sales:-
2,689+ copies
Chinese sales:-
1,038,974+ copies
Giving Lose Control a total of 1,316,779+ copies sold so far.
Even the M/V's are raking in the views with what U need having 6,760,809 million views so far and Lose Control having 5,483,996 million views, with both M/V's view count increasing by the seconds.

Lose Control was released in a box style case with the case being black and all the writing in white. The front of the case has a cut out section showing the front cover of the photo booklet as well as having Lays side profile in the shadows. The pictures within the booklet follow the same style as the concept for the Lose Control M/V, the album also comes with a second booklet that contains the lyrics and album credits, the lyrics are shown in Chinese and translated into Korean, English and Japanese.

Track List:
Lose Control (失控)
what U need (你要什么)
MYM Acoustic Ver.
Relax (守望)

I love the whole layout of this album, even my dad had to check it out once I'd unwrapped it as I'd got it as a Christmas present. I love the pictures of him in both booklets and I love that he gave himself a sexy and dark concept, Lay is mainly known for being the healing unicorn of EXO so It's nice to see him shine on his own with both his vocals and song creation. I love this mini album from start to finish and with Lay being one if my biases of EXO I love that he's getting to do what he loves and enjoys. I wish SM would give EXO more creative control than they already do as both Lay and Chanyeol have proven that they can create amazing songs. I really love that they allowed him to release his mini album in Chinese instead of in Korean with a few of the songs repeated in Chinese, I'm really happy that the lyrics were translated into English in the lyric booklet as well as Korean and Japanese for international fans, it was the first time I'd seen SM Entertainment do this as it's very rare they have any English subtitles so I'm glad they thought about us, I also kind of hope that it was Lay's idea knowing that he and EXO a popular worldwide. I love Lay's voice but I think it shines more when he sings in Chinese. Lay really did an amazing job with his first mini album and I can't wait to hear more new music from him as a solo artist as well as a member of EXO.

By Leannah Z 



MYM Acoustic ver.

what U need?

Lose Control

I hope you're in love with this mini album as much as I am, even if some of the tracks didn't pique your interest I'm sure some of the pictures will have.
Well done Lay.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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