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My Christmas Haul 2016!

Ni Hao

I think it's time I share with you the amazing presents I got from my friends and family, some of the presents aren't in the main picture as I forgot to get them out of their gift backs where I've been keeping them safe but they obviously feature in individual pictures. I want to start by stating that I'm in no way trying to brag or show off about my presents, it's more me showing how blessed I am that my friends put the time and effort into finding me gifts that they know not only represent me and the things I like and enjoy but also what they know will put a smile on my face and a few tears in my eyes.

I got this incense burner from my friend Jo, I can't wait to find somewhere safe to place it and get it lit when I'm blogging, or even when I'm having a stressful day and want a nice relaxing bath. I'm hoping that using it will also help me sleep as lately I've been having trouble getting to sleep before 1 am.

My next presents came from my brother Christopher, I got some Playboy perfume which I love the bottle design and it smells really pretty and calling out to the nerd in me he got me a Star Wars top which has Darth Vader on it, I was a little scared that the top wouldn't fit me with it being a small and looking tight fitting but thankfully it's a perfect fit and the fabric is so soft.

From my brother Michael and sister-in-law Stacey I got a little Disaronno set, that has a little bottle of Disaronno, Guylian chocolates and a Disaronno branded glass to enjoy it in. Whenever I'm out anywhere having a drink I always drink Disaronno and coke, I love that it tastes like marzipan and I don't see it lasting long once I have some Cola available to get drinking it.

From my brother Paul I got a Blossom Hill wine gift set which has a bottle of White Zinfandel, a wine glass to enjoy it in and Lindt chocolates. Every sophisticated young woman should sit blogging with a glass of wine sat at the side of her, maybe I should take that one up.

From my friend Clare I got some gorgeous bath supplies, which had bubblegum flavour shower fluff; which is basically a shower gel that melts on to your skin as you use it, a little bath bomb that looked like a truffle; which smelt gorgeous and turned the bath water a gorgeous colour and left my skin feeling moisturised and a bath bar; that I can break bits off to use it m ore than once, I'm still to use it and I can't wait to go to this store and buy more as it all smells absolutely gorgeous. I loved how it was all packaged too. I also got 2 boxes of Hello Panda biscuits which I love, I've already eaten the chocolate filled ones as my favourites are the milk flavoured ones.

Next from my work best friend I got some Harry Potter gifts as well as some personalised coloured pencils. Vikki got me a Harry Potter colouring book which I started on while I was waiting for our Christmas dinner to be cooked. She got me some awesome personalised pencils to use for my colouring book which have my name on. Lastly she also got me a marauders map passport cover which I can't wait to get stuck on my passport ready for going back to Disneyland Paris in May, Vikki always seems to get it spot on when it comes to figuring out what gifts to get me.

From my friend Kariss I got a book that is meant to help me learn Korean though my love of K-pop, many people that are in the K-pop fandom show their interest in wanting to learn Korean not only to understand the amazing songs but to also be able to communicate with some of their favourite idols through social media. I love that she got me a book that helps me understand some of my favourite songs; including BIGBANG's Loser (friends will have seen me post lyrics from this on my social media), GOT7's If You Do and also some Girls Generation tracks. I have quite a few books now to try and help me learn Korean, I've learnt a few words but would love to be able to distinguish the Hangul for them; 안녕 - Annyeong - Hello/Goodbye, 친구 - Chingu - Friend, 남자 - Namja - Man, these are some of the words I know but wouldn't be able to find written in Hangul.

From my friends Becky, Dave and their little boy James I got a gorgeous tea set, soon as I opened this I told my dad that it would be getting displayed on the table in the kitchen, which he did when he put all the Christmas decorations away in the kitchen. I may use this from time to time when I have friends visit or when I want to feel sophisticated and grown up. I could go on about how stunning this set is but I don't think I can do it justice, so I'm  going to let the picture speak for itself, the design on them reminds me of oriental designs and tea sets which for someone that loves mainly Korean, Japanese and Chinese items, it made me feel more part of the culture.

From my friends Liv and Dan I got some Katy Perry perfume, which it's very rare I get perfume as a gift and this year I got 2 bottles. I got Katy Perry's first perfume a few years ago and I love the scent, and I'm always looking at her other perfumes to try, I always love her bottle designs too. I got her Killer Queen perfume which I know smells really pretty as my mum has the same perfume and the bottle is amazing.

From my friends Kate and Sam I got a hot chocolate set that had a tall mug with a knitted cosy on, a sachet of hot chocolate and a little whisk, the hot chocolate tasted really nice and the mug is now part of my mug collection ready for me to use for more hot chocolate, yes it's become my designated hot chocolate mug. I also got an awesome Nightmare Before Christmas tree ornament of Lock, Shock and Barrel. Like my other Nightmare Before Christmas tree ornaments I'm going to keep this out all year round as it's too nice to have out only a few weeks out of the year, I think I'm going to place it on my drawers with the rest of my Disney ornaments.

From my friend Andrew I got the necklace that Hermione Granger wears when she attends the wedding of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley. Like many of my friends I'm obsessed and in love with the Harry Potter series, I often buy merchandise for my friends but only recently bought myself some when I purchased Newt Scamander's scarf that he wears in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, mainly because he made me feel proud to be Hufflepuff (yes I have do the sorting hat on Pottermore). It's such a beautiful necklace and I love wearing it.

From my friend Nichola I got some awesome gifts, I got some Pokemon Pyjama bottoms, a Pokemon night shirt, slippers and an amazing personalised mug with pictures of friends and family. I've never made it secret that I adore Pokemon, it was the craze if my youth and even when Pokemon Go hit the app universe it reminded me of how much I still adore the franchise and I'm sure my generation can still sing along to the Pokemon theme as well as the Poke Rap. I've only worn my night shirt so far and it's extremely comfy and the first time in years that I've worn one. I love the Pyjama bottoms with Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle and can't wait to be wandering round the house in them. My slippers are extremely comfy and make me feel more mature and grown up as I tend to wear more character style slippers, Disney socks are always the best, like slippers I always wear character socks and if I see Disney ones I have to get them. I adore my mug and I love the pictures she picked to be on it as they remind me of some pretty amazing memories and a bonus is that the mug is green.

 From my Grandad I got some Nivea goodies, I've not used these yet but I'm sure it won't be long till I'm tucking into them and using them.

From my nephews I got some Christmas patterned slipper boots, they are really warm and comfy and I spent all Christmas day wearing them.

From my sister and brother-in-law I got a gorgeous bag, I now use this bag for shopping trips as I've always had to take my big bag with me whenever I went out somewhere, whereas now I have a smaller bag that doesn't end up hurting my back or shoulder and it's green which is my favourite colour plus I never thought I would like the smell of leather.

Lastly from my parents I got some K-pop Cd's that I'd been wanting, I got GFriend's first fill length album LOL, VIXX's 5th Single Album Boys' Record (I'm slowly fully completing my VIXX discography), Lay from EXO's debut solo mini album Lose Control and MONSTA X's latest mini album The Clan Part.2 Guilty. My album collection for GFriend is now complete and it has to be my favourite album concept so far from them. I've now started getting all VIXX's single album's, I have their first one on the way and now only have 3 more to get before my VIXX collection is complete. I'm happy that SM Entertainment are letting Lay branch out and showcase his vocals as he's 1 of my favourite members of EXO and he never seems to get many lines to show that he can sing, he even wrote and composed the songs himself. I love the layout of the lyrics in the booklet as well as the design of the case. Lastly I recently got into another male group called MONSTA X I have their mini album Rush and was extremely happy to see that I had their latest mini album for Christmas and even more excited to see that my dad had got me a copy that was signed by member Wonho, I even got some bonus cards inside along with the photocard (BIGBANG & BTS).

L-R Shownu (MONSTA X) G-Dragon & TOP (BIGBANG) J-Hope & Jin (BTS)

I've got to the end of my amazing gifts and I've enjoyed sharing them with you, I hope you've liked seeing what I got because I know I enjoy looking at other peoples Christmas hauls as it shows what that friends a family take the time to find something perfect for them, I'm in no way trying to boast about my gifts, I just feel honoured to receive them all especially as I know how much importing K-pop can be, so for me this is a way to show everyone that I'm thankful for everything they got for me and the time they took to find me gifts.

Get some amazing and personal gifts yourself?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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