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VIXX: Conception Series 2016 - Hades

Ni Hao

It's time for the 2nd part of VIXX's 2016 Conception Series, did you guess which Greek God this one was based around from last week's hint?

Let's have a recap from last week's post, VIXX announced that in 2016 that they would be doing a year-long project titled VIXX 2016 Conception Project, in which they would be showing off their wide musical and conceptual spectrum and it's theme would be based on Gods from Greek mythology, part 1 titled Zelos was released on the 19th of April and was based around the Greek God of jealousy and rivalry, Zelos.

The 2nd part of their year long project is their 6th single album release and on the 1st of August VIXX revealed that the 2nd part would be based around Hades, the Greek God of the underworld.
On the 6th of August a video was released titled VIXX 6th Single Hades FANTASY Music Spoiler was released, revealing that their next lead single was to be called Fantasy.
Owned by Jellyfish Entertainment
On the 7th of August the Hades concept film was released.
Owned by Jellyfish Entertainment
On the 8th of August the Hades Album Medley was released.
Owned by Jellyfish Entertainment
On the 10th of August the M/V teaser was released for Fantasy.
Owned by Jellyfish Entertainment
Their 6th Single Album Hades was released the 12th of August with the M/V for Fantasy being released on the 14th.
Just a month later on the 12th of September 2 new M/V's were released for Fantasy, a performance M/V that focused on their sharp, intense and difficult choreography and a drama M/V that focused on their Hades concept.
Fantasy Performance M/V
Owned by Jellyfish Entertainment
Fantasy Drama M/V
Owned by Jellyfish Entertainment

Like Zelos, Ravi participated in writing the lyrics for all 3 tracks on the Hades single album.
Fantasy won a total of 3 music show awards, with 2 wins on The Show and 1 win on Show Champion.
Hades peaked at No.1 on the Gaon Albums Chart, No.22 on the Gaon Digital Chart, No.2 on the Taiwan Five-Music Korea-Japan Albums Chart and No.5 on the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart.
Korean Sales: 97,222
Fantasy has 5,062,957 views through their official YouTube channel as well as 369,215 views through the CJENMMUSIC Official YouTube Channel totalling 5,432,172 views which continue to increase everyday.

Like Zelos, Hades is also set out in a paperback book style case, the concept for Hades is a lot darker than Zelos and each member again gets individual shots as well as group shots, Hades also has a slipcase that shows of some of the imagery on the front cover.

Track List:
Love Me Do
나비 효과 (Butterfly Effect)
Fantasy (Inst.)

I think personally for me Fantasy is my favourite title track from the Conception series, and it seems to be the song they struggled with most, proving that they're not a group that stays within their comfort zones and are willing to work hard to pull off amazing results. I watched a behind the scenes video where Ken was saying that this was the hardest song and choreography they had challenged themselves with as the vocals were mainly high power notes in the chorus, it even showed the members asking for breaks between choreography takes as they worked to make it sharp and perfect, something if your a Starlight you know that VIXX are a group that were till it reaches perfection. I loved that even the concept was something that VIXX had never attempted before and even said that the thorns they wore were painful, I do have to say though from this comeback Ravi as Hades was my favourite with his thorn crown and lack of shirt. My overall favourite track from Hades is pretty much probably the same as any other Starlight and I love and adore Love Me Do. Like Zelos, each track on Hades is different showing a different side to VIXX each time. I LOVED the styling for Hades including their hair, they can seriously pull off leather/wet look trousers, I won't lie to the fact that when it comes to darker concepts the songs tend to be my favourite and it's very rare that personally for me other male groups can pull off dark concepts the way VIXX do. Check out the tracks from Hades below.

나비 효과 (Butterfly Effect)

Love Me Do


Next week we have the climatic ending to VIXX's Conception series as we see the personification of strength, might, Sovereign rule and authority in all it's forms, it's getting closer.

What are your thoughts on the 2nd part of VIXX's Conception Series?
What do you think of Fantasy as a lead single?
What's your favourite track from Hades?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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