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GFriend: LOL

Ni Hao

I thought after so many male K-pop groups the past few weeks/months I thought I'd do a few weeks of girl K-pop groups and this week we're catching up with GFriend and their latest release.

LOL is GFriend's first full length album after their 3 successful school trilogy mini albums. On the 5th of July 2016 the teasers started with their 너 그리고 나 (Navillera) Comeback Teaser.
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On the 7th of July an M/V teaser was released for their title track 너 그리고 나 (Navillera).
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Next on the 8th of July the 1st Album LOL Highlight Medley was released.
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A few days later on the 10th of July 2016 the M/V for 너 그리고 나 (Navillera) was released.
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On the 11th of July LOL was released in 2 versions: Laughing Out Loud and Lots Of Love, the album was given a retro style and had more of a diverse range of genre's compared to their past 3 mini albums. The album's name LOL was so it could be used as an acronym of both Laughing Out Loud and Lots Of Love, also letting the album name represent a dual concept of both playful and bubbly songs as well as feminine and graceful tracks.

Promotions for their comeback started on the 12th of July on SBS MTV's The Show, performing both 너 그리고 나 (Navillera) and 바람에 날려 (Gone With the wind). 너 그리고 나 (Navillera) won a total of 14 music show awards with 3 consecutive wins each on Music shows The Show, M Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo and with 2 wins on Show Champion.
LOL peaked at No.3 o the Gaon Albums Chart and peaked at No.7 in America on the Billboard World Albums Chart.
So far (Navillera) has 2,105,236 views through their official channel GFriend Official and 26,129,136 through the channel 1theK making a combined viewing of 28,234,372 views and they keep rising each day.

Both versions of the album come in a hardback book style case, the Lots Of Love case is white with a golden trim with flowers used outside and inside the case giving off the feminine and graceful concept, where the Laughing Out Loud case is white with a yellow trim and a brightly coloured emoji Cd giving off the playful and bubbly concept. Both versions also contain a different photo booklet with different pictures in both, both booklets follow both of the dual concepts. Both versions of the album also comes with a special envelope filled with goodies which include a little letter (get a letter at random), 2 photo cards, 1 sheet of stickers, 1 member dress up card set, and 3 group photos set out as postcards.

Track List:
물들어요 (Fall in Love)
너 그리고 나 (NAVILLERA)
한 뼘 (Distance)
물꽃놀이 (Water Flower)
나의 일기장 (Sunshine)
나침반 (Compass)
찰칵 (Click)
바람에 날려 (Gone with the wind)
너 그리고 나 (NAVILLERA)(Inst.)







I got my copy of LOL for Christmas from my parents with 3 other K-pop albums which I will be sharing with you next week in my Christmas gift post. I got the Lots Of Love version and I think personally for me, my dad picked the best of both of the versions, I'll still end up buying the other version though. I love the gold trim on the case and that the cover of the booklet is a painting of them. All the pictures throughout the booklet are stunning, the setting for the pictures are stunning and the colours are also breathtaking and help the girls each to pop out and stand out in the picture, even the styling is on point for the girls throughout. I personally think that out of all the K-pop I have overall this is my favourite photo book. The layout, pictures and even the glossy pages make it look like a lot of time and effort went into creating it. This may sound odd for some but it even smells really nice, I have a thing of smelling pages in books. The girls did amazing with their first full length album, each track is different showcasing their vocals, a few of the tracks even sound like they could be made into anime openings and endings. I think the girls can rest assured that Buddy's around the world will be proud of this album from start to finish and from cover to cover. I love the envelope that hides a way a personal letter from one of the members, my letter was from SinB and I love that in the translation she seems a little flustered showing that with all their success and popularity she seems to still feel overwhelmed and in awe that she's in the position she's in. GFriend are the first group I followed from their debut and I feel like a very proud Unnie to them all, I hope that even with the criticism they get, they never change who they are as individuals and a group. If I had to recommend a new girl group to my friends it would be GFriend, many people see groups like Twice and BlackPink being the groups that will be the new generations Girls Generation but I personally think that it's GFriend that will lead the way for the girls, I personally think they are underrated compared to other groups and don't forget like GFriend, Girls Generations global success didn't start from debut it was 2 years later with the release of Gee that they became big. If you need any other reason to give GFriend a listen then you need to listen to Yuju's vocals.
Check out a few of the tracks from their first full length album below.



By MBCkpop

(Gone with the wind)

All 14 wins (some teary moments for me)

(NAVILLERA) 2x faster version

I can only hope that I've created some new Buddy's with this post, GFriend deserve all the luck and success they receive and I can't wait to see what they're next comeback will bring.

When did you become a Buddy?
Which version of LOL do you have?
Do you have a favourite track from the album?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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