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Kawaii Box: October Edition!

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It's time to get stuck into another Kawaii Box unboxing.

First up we have MARUKAWA HALLOWEEN GUM, I've not tried this yet but they do smell really nice, I am really wary though that the flavour won't last long. Marukawa is famous in Japan for their very tasty and special chewing gum. The gum is meant to turn your tongue either red or black while eating it so it's good to trick friends and family with.
Retail Price: £0.60

Next we have a DISNEY POTEPOTE BEAN PLUSH, this is one of my favourite items from October's box. There's 11 different characters available: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Chip, Dale, Tinkerbell, Snow White & Marie. All the characters have a ball and chain attached to them, so you can attach them to your purse, handbag or backpack. We got sent a character at random and I got the main mouse Mickey Mouse. He's really cuddly and soft and if I was to get another I'd get Marie as I love the Aristocats.
Retail Price: £5.53

Next up we have a PIKACHI COIN PURSE, this is my other favourite item from October's box. Pokemon is a series that I was obsessed with when I was growing up, I even have the Pokemon theme and the Poke rap on my iPod. Pikachu has always been my favourite, so this is a keeper. There are 2 different versions of this coin purse, there's a closed mouth smile one and an open mouth style, which is the one I got, at the moment the open mouth smile one is out of stock, so I'm guessing that one is the most popular. It's too cute and I can't wait to use while out shopping for loose change.
Retail Price: £4.17

Next up is a SQUISHY OREO KEYCHAIN, who doesn't like oreo's, I often use them in some of my cheesecake recipe's. Not only does this keychain look good enough to eat, it also smells really nice and will be getting added to my keys.
Retail Price: £1.68

Our next item is a HAPPY FOOD ERASER, there are 6 different styles to choose from: a hamburger, a chocolate bar, a sundae, an ice cream, a milkshake/drink and an ice lolly, We were sent one at random and I got the hamburger eraser, they all have a cute smile. I will be adding this to my eraser collection for when I'm drawing.
Retail Price: £1.04

Next out of the box we have a DIY CROSS STITCH KEYCHAIN KIT, this is the first item from this box that I will be putting into Skye's Kawaii Christmas Box, there are 4 different designs which you can choose through colours which are: Blue, Orange, Pink & Red. I think there is a similar item already in Skye's box and that one is also a Korean Kawaii item. I like to be creative but I think this is something that I would lose my patience with fast if I couldn't get the hang of it.
Retail Price: £2.56

Next we have a MOOMIN GREETING CARD, Moomin's is another show that I watched when I was growing up, it was also a show that I watched when I was off school ill when I was little. There's 4 different cards that you can get that have different colours and different designs on the front, each card comes with an envelope. The card I got has 2 Moomin's cleaning and says I hope you find what you're looking for. I'll be putting this in a draw out of the way as you never know when it will come into use.
Retail Price: £1.44

Next we have FOOD THEMED STICKERS, these stickers are Japanese foods, with ramen, noodle, sushi etc. This is another item I'll be passing onto Skye, I think she'll have fun decorating her workbooks and book folders with these stickers.
Retail Price: £1.44

Next up we have JAPANESE SAKURA ENVELOPES, these are really cute and will be getting put to one side so I can use them if and when I need to, each pack comes with 5 envelopes and are available in 8 different designs. They are all pastel coloured with different Sakura flower designs. These envelopes would come in handy for when you don't know what to get someone and just want to put cash in a card. You could even pop hand written letters in them to friends and family when you want to show how much you care and think about them.
Retail Price: £1.52

Next up we have another of my favourite items from October's box a SQUARE ANIMAL SPRAY BOTTLE. These bottles are handle for travelling, or to pop in your bag, with either water, toner or your favourite perfume inside, you could even create your own fragrance to store in your bag. There's 4 different designs with a different animal on the bottle, when you order one you get sent one at random so you never know which cute animal you will get. I'm thinking of of making my own scented spray to place in my bag.
Retail Price: £2.80

It's time for the Kawaii Box favourite a CUTE MECHANICAL PENCIL, this is a Korean mechanical pencil, it does have Korean written on it but I'm not sure what it says, so comment below if you can read Korean. These pencils are available in 4 different pastel colours: blue, pink, green & purple, each pencil also has a different animal on it. You have to push the eraser to push out the lead, I personally think I got the cutest out of the 4 designs. This will be getting added to my Kawaii Box pen collection.
Retail Price: £1.44

Sadly the last item out of the box is KARIPORI CANDY STICKS, I always love getting snacks in this box as they're always snacks I've never tried before. These snacks come with 6 packs of 2 candy sticks inside, 3 packets cola flavoured and 3 packets grape soda flavoured. Both flavours tasted really nice especially the grape soda, you can feel them fizzing in your mouth while eating them, they didn't last long once I opened them.
Retail Price: £1.52

grape soda

October Kawaii Box worth: £25.74

Now let me get to the business side of the Kawaii Box subscription, remember whatever month you subscribe as long as it's before the shipment date you will get that months box. Each box comes with 10-12 Japanese and Korean kawaii items and no matter where in the month you subscribe you will get that months box shipped out to you so if you signed up on the 30th of November you would still get Novembers box as your first box. You get the choice of which subscription plan you would like, there's a 1 year plan which you pay $214.80 upfront and get a box free which works out around £175.11 and it ends after the 12 months, there's a 6 month plan which the site features as their most popular option which is $112.80 upfront which saves you $6 which works out as £91.96 saving £4.89 and this one also ends after the 6 months, there's a 3 month plan which is $59.40 upfront which they also advertise as the perfect gift idea which comes in at £48.42 which also ends after the 3 months and finally there is the 1 month plan which is the plan I am on which is $19.80 which is a re-occurring payment plan that you can cancel at anytime and works out at £1614. All 4 plans come with free shipping and also an automatic entry into their kawaii megabox raffle valued over $100 (£81.52). If you're interested in subscribing or just even checking it out then click HERE to go to the site.

If you don't want to subscribe then check out the site BLIPPO where all the items featured in this post are available with many more kawaii items to choose from. 

If you just want Japanese Candy they have a subscription box similar to the Kawaii box options you can check that out HERE.

I'm going to start sharing the value from each months box with you all so you can see the amazing value you get these boxes for.
I can't wait for my November box to make it's way to me.
Keep it Kawaii

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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