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Japanese Movie Review - Killers

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I thought today instead of an anime post I would introduce you to a film I found last year and thought it was pretty good but before I get into telling you the plot and my review of the movie let me give you some details on the film first.

Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2014, Killers is a Japanese-Indonesian psychological thriller making it the first time Japan and Indonesia collaborated together within the thriller genre. It's directed by The Mo Brothers, produced by the produces of The Raid(which is also an amazing film) with the story written by Takuji Ushiyama with the help of Timo Tjahjanto of The Mo Brothers and stars Kazuki Katamura(swoon) and Oka Antara.

In an interview with The Mo Brothers revealed that the original title of the film was going to be Killer Clowns with the story following two masked serial killers from Japan and Indonesia, and their competition to become the best killer within their countries. Killers was released in Japan on the 1st of February with it's release in Indonesia being on the 6th of February. Company XYZ films made a deal with film distributors in various countries around the world for Killers rights of distribution, such as Tiberius Film GmB for Germany. Wild Side Films for France, Sundream Motion Pictures for Hong Kong and Lionsgate for the United Kingdom.

The Indonesian version saw slight changes from the Japanese and International releases with the Indonesian version being edited with mild violence and the nudity scene removed or softened due to a graphic nature, while the Japanese and International versions contained the scenes that were removed from the Indonesian version.

One kills for pleasure
The other for justice
From the makers of The Raid comes this nail-biting thriller about two serial killers. Nomura is a successful man living in Tokyo and have been leaving a legacy of violent murders immortalised through video clips posted online. Thriving off millions of people watching his work, he is soon caught in a vicious rivalry with Bayu, a disgraced journalist whose dark side is triggered by Nomura's increasingly sadistic video posts.
With both men sinking further into a spiral of violence and forgetting the repercussions towards the people they hold most dear, the rivalry becomes an uncontrollable psychosis as they face each other in one of the most exhilarating film finales in years.

This wasn't my introduction to violence in either a Japanese or Indonesian movie as I'm a big fan of the Battle Royale movies as well as both The Raid movies, you can't deny that if you have seen either of The Raid films that the fight scenes are pretty epic but back on to this movie. I remember seeing this trailer on one of my Asian DVDs I'm not sure which one it was - I'm thinking it could have been The Raid 2, but the trailer piqued both mine and Andrew's interest so I went on a search to find the DVD so we could check it out. Through this film I have found my Japanese Johnny Depp I now adore and have the biggest crush on Kazuki Katamura.

You go on such a roller coaster ride with this film it kept me on the edge of my seat and my heart beating so fast. I thought by the end of the film there would be a complete role reversal but I got it completely wrong, I even kept my fingers crossed that Nomura after meeting a woman would want to change his ways, never would I imagine it would all end in bloodshed, you often hear people say it's always the quiet ones well for with this film it's always the hot ones that seem to be the crazy ones. It's not a slow moving film either the action starts right from the start with it opening with a sex scene between Nomura and his latest soon to be victim, next thing you know the woman is strapped to a chair and gagged as Nomura films her death to upload online for others to watch. Bayu is then caught in Nomura's web as he convinces him to join his world of death and destruction only for Bayu's conscience to continuously play on his mind. Will Bayu stop his long road of revenge? Can Nomura keep his poisonous grasp on Bayu and how will he keep Bayu stuck on his web of death. All I can say is that I highly recommend this film if your a fan of horror, thriller and action movies, don't let the fact that it's a subtitled film stop you.

I've only watched this film twice but I know it's a film that will never get old, there's even scenes where you can't help but laugh so it's good that a film that is so serious can have some comedic scenes. Whose side will you be on? I may not have sold this film well enough for people to think this film sounds amazing, I need to watch it, but you can't deny that Japan and Indonesia have put out some amazing films in the past several years and one thing you can rely on Japan for is to release a gruesome thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what you would do in that situation.

Have you watched Killers?
What did you think of the film?
Who were you rooting for?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

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