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VIXX: Error

An nyeoung
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Sorry with the lack of posts this last few weeks, I've been really busy and not been able to get round to writing a lot of my posts meaning posts I was going to write are being postponed for future posts, even today's post has been delayed by a day.

I'm going to share with you another of VIXX' albums, in 2014 VIXX released their 2nd mini album titled Error, which is also the name of the lead single from the mini album. On the 9th of October 2014 VIXX released a teaser for the Error MV onto their YouTube channel, revealing another incredible concept for their comeback.
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On October 11th another teaser was released onto their YouTube channel, this time it was an album medley revealing snippets from each track on the mini album, keeping their fans excited for their return.
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A couple of days later on the 13th of October the MV for Error was released onto their channel. The concept story for Error is a sad love story of a man that becomes a cyborg only leaving his broken heart to protect himself. This was the second music video I watched from VIXX (Voodoo Doll was the first) and it left me heartbroken, I watched this MV without knowing any of the translated lyrics and I was still touched by how sad the story and song was, no matter how many times I watch this MV I still shed a few tears, proving that VIXX are amazing at what they do. Watch the MV and see if you can figure out the story without the translated lyrics.
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October 14th 2014 saw the release of their mini album, with promotions for Error starting the next day on the 15th. Error won 5 music show awards and it still is winning awards for VIXX with winning them 2 Bonsang Awards at the 2014 and 2015 Seoul Music Awards and also a Disk Bonsang Award at the 2016 Golden Disk Awards. Error got good chart success too peaking at No.1 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart and No.2 on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart and has sold 90,195+ copies.

On December 10th Error became their first Japanese single peaking at No.6 and sold over 19,381 physical copies. Then July 7th 2015 a Chinese version of the song was released.
Member and rapper Ravi had a hand in the mini album as he co-wrote the lyrics for After Dark, Blue Blossom/Youth Hurts and Time Machine. He also wrote and composed track What U Waiting For.

The album is set out in a black sleek fold out case with all the design and writing in silver making it all stand out. Each album comes with a randomly selected mini booklet of one of the members -  I got leader N. The main booklet follows the concept of Cyborg from the MV with the last section of the booklet changing the styling and focusing on both black and white images as well as colourful styling and images, at the end of the booklet is the lyrics and album credits. There's some breath taking pictures and my breath taking I mean they are ABSolutely eye opening.

Track List:
Steel Heart [Intro]
After Dark
청춘이 아파 (Blue Blossom/Youth Hurts)
Time Machine
What U Waiting For
Error [Instrumental]







Comment below to let me know what these cards are.

Hongbin photo card

I've noticed with each comeback VIXX always come back stronger and better than before which is something I've learnt in the short amount of time that I've been listening to these guys and at this moment in time the 2 male groups I want and need to see live (not that it will ever happen) is VIXX and SHINee as both groups seem to put their all into their performances as well as their stages, I recently saw the opening for one of VIXX' shows and I've never seen something so amazing it has to be my favourite concert opening. I also now have all their albums minus their Japanese albums and they are making a comeback in a few weeks which I'm excited for. Well please check out the album below.

Steel Heart & Error
By MBCkpop

After Dark Live
By 라블리 P

청춘이 아파 (Blue Blossom/Youth Hurts)
By VIXX Music for Starlights

Time Machine Live
By Ellen0418

What U Waiting For
By K-pop Subs

I hope your starting to enter the world of Starlight because I honestly don't think these guys get the recognition they deserve and hope they one day get to do a show in the UK. I need to see Ken and Leo in the flesh.

Let me know your thoughts on this album in the comments below.

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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