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Girls Generation - Catch Me If You Can + Bonus

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Sorry with the lack of posts last week I had the week off and thought I would be more productive but instead spent a majority of the time out shopping with Andrew or sat watching Alias with him, so the posts I had planned for last week will make an appearance at a later date.

You're probably sat wondering why there is another Girls Generation post when I'd told you I'd completed and shared with you all their albums well I wanted to share with you one of Girls Generation's singles that hasn't appeared on any of their albums, even though hopefully it will appear in their next Japanese album if they release another.

On the 18th of February 2015 it was announced that Girls Generation was preparing for a brand new Japanese single titled Catch Me If You Can, then on the 23rd of March it was announced the single would be released in 3 different editions: a regular edition, a first press limited edition and a limited press special package which would be released in Japan April 22nd (2015). On April 1st SM Entertainment announced that the track would also be have a Korean version and would be released digitally with the Japanese version on April 10th, 6 days later SM released a teaser video for the music video on the 7th of April, check it out below.
Owned by SM Entertainment

On the 9th of April both the Korean and Japanese MV's were released, with the Korean MV being released through SM's official YouTube channel and the Japanese MV being released through both their Official Japanese website and their Japanese YouTube channel GirlsGenerationVEVO. There are differences between both versions with the lyrics being different in both the Korean and Japanese tracks, and different camera angles and individual movements slightly different, but other than that the MV's are pretty much identical, check them out below.
Korean Version
By LoveKpopSubs16

Japanese Version
This video has been mirrored I'm assuming to stop removal

Catch Me If You Can is an EDM(Electronic Dance Music) track which is a first for Girls Generation to release, with the B-side of the single being a medium ballad track titles Girls. Prior to the release of both the tack and MV all the members had been promoting the track with the hashtag #catchgg and getting fans to join in with the promotion and hashtag all over social media.

The Korean version has sold 135,068 copies digitally with it charting at No.19 on the Gaon Singles Chart and No.2 in the US via the Billboard world Digital Singles Chart, making it their highest charting song in America.
The Japanese version has sold a total of 23,167 copies, with 20,835 copies physically sold in the first week of it's release with it charting No.8 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, No.9 on the Japanese Billboard Japan Hot 100 and No.1 in Taiwan via their G-music Chart.

June 2015 saw an earlier version of the MV leaked online showing Jessica was part of both the track and MV revealing that the song was intended to be released at their Tokyo Dome concert as a thank you to their fans but was delayed due to the dismissal of Jessica from the group, fans also suggested that the track Girls was a farewell song from the members to Jessica closing the chapter of a 9 member group and looking to the future as an 8 member group with the lines "never gonna look back girls" and " Story goes on"

Surely it will be no surprise to you all that I purchased the limited press package which came with a DVD and a bonus sticker sheet as well as it being packaged within a protective black bubble wrap style bag. I personally loved Catch Me If You Can and when I first watched the MV which was also my first time hearing the track, I got emotional because for the first time within a Girls Generation song and single the dance line of the group were being put into the spotlight with HyoYeon, SooYoung, YoonA and Yuri being given the lines for the verses where the vocal line TaeYeon, SeoHyun, Tiffany and Sunny were given the lines in the bridge building up to the chorus. I personally loved that the line distribution for a change seemed even giving all the girls opportunity to shine. One of the comments and reactions I saw from others watching the MV was how much the girls were giving it their all, to be honest they had A LOT to prove with this being their first release without Jessica and I personally wasn't disappointed they really kicked ass with this song. They didn't go into fancy details with the CD either with the design being kept simple, with the case, CD and booklet all being black with the addition of sultry and stunning pictures of the girls within the booklet.

Track List:
Catch Me If You can
Catch Me If You can - Instrumental


L-R Sunny & Tiffany

L-R Sunny, Yuri & SooYoung

L-R SeoHyun & HyoYeon

L-R Tiffany, TaeYeon & Yoona

L-R SeoHyun & TaeYeon


L-R Yuri & SooYoung

Catch Me If You Can (Japanese version)
By mo yuna 7

Catch Me If You Can (Korean version)
By TV-People

Girls (Japanese version)
By ParaShidae

Girls (Korean version)
By Azib Jazman

Catch Me If You Can - Jessica Version
By SuperNovah


I thought that even though I shared the Tracks Party and Check in my Lion Heart/You Think post, I'd share with you the Party Single check it out below.

See you soon!

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