Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kawaii Box: December Edition

An nyeoung
Ni hao

It's that time again for that box full of kawaiiness, this box arrived a little later than normal with it being shipped during the festive period so I'm guessing there was a delay in getting all the post back up and running again as it even took my tracking number a while to work and even be updated but better late than never right. I've noticed a lot of confusion and frustration when it comes to the boxes being shipped so I want to start off by saying they ship all the boxes at the end of each month so if you subscribe this month you will get the January box around the beginning of February as they ship the end of January to keep all the items within the box a surprise (I may repeat this at the end of my post too). So shall we get this box opened?

I'm running out of words to describe this box as it comes in the same box each month but surely the picture does it justice.

Another one I'm running out of words for is the Kawaii Box tissue paper that it's all hidden beneath - it's pretty kawaii. Each box always comes with a little thank you card with the items within in the box on the opposite side so you know what each item is.

Here's a little peak at some of the items in my box.

First up we have a Korean Nail Set, I don't wear stick on nails but these guys are really cute and the colours and design are really pretty. There are 6 styles to choose from with the Kawaii Box sending them at random. They come in at £1.75.

Next we have a Lollipop Towel, this is the cutest thing ever and I don't think I will be unwrapping it to use it as it's just too cute to use and ruin. I couldn't find this one on the site to link you to it so I'm not sure on the price but they do have a towel shaped into cakes and cupcakes (which oare out of stock at the moment).

Next up is a Waffle Squishy which is a little phone charm that I'm sure you could stick to your purse, pencil case or backpack. When I saw this it instantly made me want waffles it looks good enough to eat (but don't), also I'm not sure if it's just me but mine smells like coconut which makes it al the better. On the site there is different styles but I'm not sure if they are selected at random or not and are out of stock at the moment, but they come in at £1.75.

Next is Polka Dot Washi Tape, I've started seeing this everywhere, we even sold it at my workplace at Christmas, it's basically a fancy deco style tape that you can decorate scrapbooks etc with to make them look pretty and give a personalised touch to them. There is a choice of two colours: pink and blue, as you can see I got the pink tape and can see me using it when I feel creative. they come in at £1.33 a roll.

Next up for me is one of the best items within the box a Happy Cat Nail Clipper, these bad boys will be going straight into my make-up bag and I will be using them, why use boring old plain nail clippers when you can use cat shaped ones, these scream Kawaii. They come in 4 different styles and colours and you'd be insane not to have a pair for yourself, they come in at £1.82 which I have seen plain and boring ones more expensive.

Next is the Kracie Ramen DIY Candy Kit, I love these kinds of things but I get so nervous making it, it never goes right. After finding a video on YouTube to follow it was pretty easy to make and was really fun and the bonus after making it, it all tastes really sweet and yummy. I'll definitely be getting this again and it comes in at £3.57.

Next we have Fat Animals Stickers, these are another item I couldn't find on the site but they won me over for the fact they have pandas on there I LOVE pandas, they have to be my favourite animal. I'm not sure if to pass these onto Skye like the rest of the stickers I've received with my Kawaii Boxes.

Next we have Heart Shaped Nail Art, these are really cute and I'm considering painting my nails so I can use them (trying to be more girly this year), they also have little pink bows with them. They come in at £0.84

Next up we have a Kawaii Owl Notebook, this comes as a little set with a matching pen, this will be finding itself within one of my handbags because you never know when you will need a notebook and you always need a pen. They come in 2 different colours and designs and come in at £2.24.

Next is a Moggie Doggie Pen, this is a cute pen but I wouldn't say it's the usual kawaii item that you would get but what do I know I got a poop lollipop in my first box. It has a cat on the lid and then a little picture of a fish down the side of the pen saying: They are our best friends, into my handbag it goes.

Lastly in my box I got an Ice Cream Purse another that I couldn't find on the site, one of the links I did find was no longer found so maybe they no longer sell it and it's now out of production but it looks so cute either way. I'm thinking I may let Skye use this as a coin purse for when she goes on school trips or when she goes away with my parents in a few weeks.

Now let me get to the business side of the Kawaii Box subscription, remember whatever month you subscribe as long as it's before the shipment date you will get that months box so if you subscribe January you will get the January box around the beginning of February as it gets shipped the end of January. Each box comes with 10-12 Japanese and Korean kawaii items and no matter where in the month you subscribe you will get that months box shipped out to you so if you signed up on the 30th of November you would still get Novembers box as your first box. You get the choice of which subscription plan you would like, there's a 1 year plan which you pay $207.90 upfront and get a box free which works out around £136.58 and it ends after the 12 months, there's a 6 month plan which the site features as their most popular option which is $107.40 upfront which saves you $6 which works out as £70.56 saving £3.94 and this one also ends after the 6 months, there's a 3 month plan which is $56.70 upfront which they also advertise as the perfect gift idea which comes in at £37.25 which also ends after the 3 months and finally there is the 1 month plan which is the plan I am on which is $18.90 which is a re-occurring payment plan that you can cancel at anytime and works out at £12.42. All 4 plans come with free shipping and also an automatic entry into their kawaii megabox raffle valued over $100 (£65.71). If you're interested in subscribing or just even checking it out then click HERE to go to the site.

If you don't want to subscribe then check out the site BLIPPO where all the items featured in this post are available with many more kawaii items to choose from.

If you just want Japanese Candy they have a subscription box similar to the Kawaii box options you can check that out HERE.

This for me so far has been the best box I have received and can't wait for the next.

Kawaii Box well done to another well earned 5 stars.

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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