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My Top 10 Anime List!

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I got into anime about 4 years ago and I know there's hundreds of anime's out there and I'd love to be able to find and get into them all, the genre doesn't tend to bother me either because if it sounds interesting or the picture used for it looks interesting then I'll give it a go, one of the best subscription services I've joined has to be Crunchyroll which I describe to people as Netflix but full of anime and it's thanks to Crunchyroll that I have been able to find new anime's, well lets check out my list.

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Is This a Zombie?
I honestly can't remember how I found this series, I think it was through Just Dubs and it has to have one of the best opening episodes I've seen, it was seriously unexpected, the series follows Ayumi Aikawa who was murdered by a serial killer and resurrected by the necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe into a zombie, along his journey of finding and getting revenge on his murderer Ayumi meets a Magical Garment Girl and a Vampire Ninja. This has so many comic values, I loved the first season but I found it harder to get into the second season, like most shows I watch there is 2 characters I ship together and that is Ayumi and Eu (Yu). The Theme songs are amazing too and definitely fit with the show.
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Devil May Cry
If your a gamer then I'm sure you will have heard of the game series Devil May Cry and if your a die hard fan of the game I'm sure you'll also know that an anime series was created following Dante. In the anime Dante runs a devil hunting business and begins a father-daughter style relationship with the girl he saves in the first episode: Patty Lowell, 2 game regulars also appear in the anime: Lady and Trish. Each episode has it's own story but there is also a series plot that concludes by the season finale. This was my introduction to both Dante and the Devil May Cry franchise and I won't deny that the anime made me swoon over Dante. The opening theme is also an amazing track and fits well to the series.
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Ouran High School Host Club
Skye really likes this series, thankfully some of the jokes go straight over her head like the hole twincest brother thing, if you want to check out my post on the anime then click here and check out what the show is about and what I like about it.
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Knights of Sidonia
This is my first mecha anime series and while I didn't really pay attention to the first season when Andrew started watching it on Netflix, I really got into the second season and grew to love the characters and also had a couple I shipped together. The series follows the adventures of Nagate Tanikaze who was raised by his grandfather in the underground layer of Sidonia, having never met anyone else he trains himself in an old guardian pilot simulator, after his grandfathers death he emerges to the surface and is selected as a guardian pilot, as Sidonia is threatened once again by the monsters named Guana, along the way Nagate creates friendships and love interests.
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Ghost in the Shell
I'm so glad I had Netflix when I did as this was the first anine series I watched on there and I was hooked from the first episode, my favourite character has to be Motoko aka Major how could you not love a badass lead female character. The show is set in 2030 where many of the population are cyborgs with prosthetic bodies, the show itself follows the members of public security sector 9 which is a special operations task-force made up of former military officers and police detectives, only one member of the team is still human. I'd recommend this anime to everyone, I even talked my dad into giving it a go but I don't think he could get past the animated part of the show and failed to enjoy it. If you haven't give it a go and you could be pleasantly surprised.
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Another show I found on Netflix and if you love action and harem anime's then this is one for you, I mean what is there not to enjoy (especially for the male population) it's a group of special beings (mainly big breasted women) that are known as Sekirei that to get to the higher place and remain with their Ashikabi have to fight one another. I've shown my love of this series in past posts check out my post Sekirei Anime and my first cosplay was of my favourite character Musubi, check out that post here. So far there is only 2 seasons and I'm hoping there will be a 3rd season as the manga is really good.
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Blue Exorcist
This series is one of the few I got into via the manga first, I thought the front cover looked cool so I bought the first 3 volumes and was hooked from the start which led me to check out the anime, for me the anime ends way to first with it only being 1 season but the manga is ongoing, like many the anime differs from the manga, with obvious reasons, I could go on about how much I love this series but check out my anime post here.
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Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
Andrew will love that I've put this in my list and I'm sure he'll be surprised with it's rank to (he seems to think I dislike the show). I remember picking the manga up for this and showing it to Andrew and him agreeing with me that it would be something I would read, unknown to me that a few months later he would be watching the anime on Crunchyroll, he was that hooked he watched the fill season (13 episodes) within one night. I've even hinted to him that we should do a couples cosplay and be 2 of the main characters Bell Cranel and Goddess Hestia. The anime is quickly picking up a fanbase with the anime being in the popular section of Crunchyroll. The series follows 14 year old Bell Cranel who is an adventurer that works under the Hestia Familia and works hard each day fighting in the dungeon to earn to make ends meet. One day he meets another adventurer named Aiz Wallenstein and after she saves him falls in love with her and then begins his goal of making himself stronger so she will notice him, like many lead male characters in anime's he fails to notice other girls start to notice him and grow feelings for him including his goddess Hestia. I think if your a Sword Art Online or a Blue Exorcist fan then you'll love this series, I also ship Bell and Hestia together. This anime is highly recommended go check it out.
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(the teeth brushing scene is cute)
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Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi - The World's Greatest First Love
I bet your sat there thinking great a romance anime but this one is a little different to what you will probably think it is, this is known as a Yaoi which is basically boys love if you still haven't figured it out it's a gay anime, when I first watched this anime and read the manga I felt that I wasn't supposed to enjoy it but I love it and I've also been informed that Yaoi anime and manga is popular amongst straight girls. The series mainly follows Ritsu Onodera who is trying to make his own name without using has fathers coattails and ends up an editor for Shojo Manga. Onodera's first love in high school was a guy named Masamune Saga and he's not seen him for 10 years after he was dumped and fled (he thought he was dumped). For 10 years he tried to forget Saga and when his boss Takano shows annoyance at him not remembering him he reveals in high school his parents got divorced and tells Onodera that his name in school was Saga Masamune, when the penny drops Takano tells Onodera he could never forget him and says he will make hims confess his love once again for him. The show also follows 2 other couples, 2 of which also work with Onodera and Takano. If you love romance then I recommend this series.
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Another of the anime's I got into early on, this anime follows 15 year old Allen Walker, whose left arm transforms into a claw/gun/sword that can kill weapons known as Akuma created by the Millenium Earl who wants to destroy humanity. Allen is part of an order called the black order. The order consists of many people that are gifted with innocence that can destroy Akuma, these people are known as exorcists and their mission is to find and collect all the missing pieces of innocence to stop and defeat the Millennium Earl, the only question is can they do it in time and win. There is a reason this is placed at No.1 and that's because it's an amazing series, sadly only 2 seasons have been dubbed and the show has everything: comedy, action, strong bonds, love. I really can't recommend this show enough, join Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda and Aleister Crowley on their mission to save humanity.
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So there you go that's my Top 10 Anime list, you're probably wondering why some popular shows that I've posted about aren't in there, well I wanted to do a list of anime's that are possibly not as popular or well known and hopefully try and grow their fan-bases but here is a few honourable mentions of other anime's that I love:
Tokyo Ghoul
Attack on Titan
Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal
Black Butler
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Vampire Knight.

See you soon!

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