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Christmas Week Special: 2011 SMTown Winter - The Warmest Gift

An nyeoung
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So today's K-pop Monday has a slight twist, this post is all K-pop idols singing in English. You're probably wondering what this has to do with being a Christmas Week Special post well it's an album of Christmas songs a few that you will recognise and some created especially for the album.
Created and released in 2011 SM Entertainment released the 8th winter album via SMTown (the artists under SM Entertainment), this album was the first winter album in 4 years and their first album to all be in English. There are 11 tracks on the album and each track is sung by a different artist, with 2 of these being used for the first time on an SMTown album.

The lead single from the album is Santa U Are The One by Super Junior including Super Junior-M members Zhoumi & Henry, the music video features the group singing in the studio and the other artists in behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot for the booklet. Check out the MV now.
Owned by SM Entertainment.

The CD was released with 2 separate versions, a gold version for the Korean release and a silver version for the Taiwan release, I have the Korean release because I thought it looked prettier in gold. In Korea 45,581+ copies were sold and 6,827+ copies sold in Japan making a combined sales of 52,408+ copies. I highly recommend this album and think it should be in every Christmas music lovers collection. The album is set out as the usual sized CD case in a book style with the booklet attached on the left as you open the case and the CD on the right. the booklet is full of Christmas colours with all the artists wearing items that are green & red, all the pictures are in the front of the booklet with the lyrics taking pride in the last few pages, just the layout of it give a Christmas feel.

Track List:
Santa U Are The One
Sleigh Ride
Last Christmas
For The First Time
Like A Dream
The First Noel
Happy X-mas (War Is Over)

Donghae (Super Junior)

L-R Leetuek & Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

L-R Siwon & Yesung (Super Junior)

L-R Sungmin & Ryeowook (Super Junior)

L-R Eumhyuk & Shindong (Super Junior)

L-R Henry & Zhoumi (Super Junior-M)

L-R U-Know & Max (TVXQ)

L-R BoA & Key(Shinee)

L-R Onew & Taemin (Shinee)

L-R Minho & Jonghyun (Shinee)

L-R YoonA & Jessica (Girls Generation)

L-R TaeYeon & YuRi (Girls Generation)

L-R Sunny & SeoHyun (Girls Generation)

L-R SooYoung & Tiffany (Girls Generation)

L-R HyoYeon (Girls Generation) & Kangta

L-R Jay & Jungmo (TRAX)

L-R Zhang Liyin & J-Min

L-R Dana & Sunday (The Grace)

L-R Sulli & Victoria (f(x))

L-R Luna & Amber (f(x))

Krystal (f(x))

Each song is as amazing as the last and to say for a lot of the artists English isn't their first language they do pretty amazing with their pronunciations, the original tracks are also just as amazing as the covers and I've found with this album that I wouldn't normally listen to The First Noel but I love the singers vocals on that song, it also makes a nice change being able to sing along to each song, lets check out the tracks now shall we?
Sleigh Ride sung by TVXQ
(By MinEunRi)

Distance sung by BoA
(By ilove2icesk82300)

Last Christmas sung by SHINee
(By julielee3595)

Diamond sung by Girls Generation
(By lovelystephanie89's channel)

For The First Time sung by Kangta
(By YuuuMeili)

Like A Dream sung by TRAX
(By MNBsubs05)

The First Noel sung by Zhang Liyin
(By Rikawendy)

1,2,3 sung by f(x)
(By 2NE1 Bang)

Amazing sung by The Grace - Dana & Sunday
(By Auroraslights6)

Happy X-mas (War Is Over)
(By KimReiko)

Do any of these songs hit your Christmas spirit spot?
Can you guess the English speakers?
Did any of the covers make you like a song you disliked?
Have a favourite original track?
Let me know in the comments below.
See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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