Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Betoyo Bento Box: October Edition

An nyeoung
Ni hao

Last month I said I was going to do a comparing post for this month's Betoyo but slight change of plan and with Halloween and Christmas inching closer I decided that I would wait till the new year and then try out the My Japan Box subscription service, so look out in the future for a comparing post but for now shall we check out what I got in this months Betoyo box.

Like previous months I've had to find out who characters are and what series they are from, this often makes me frustrated as I can't get as excited about items but does open the doors for me to watch new anime's and read new manga's.

Like past months the box has arrived in the usual fabric wrapped like a bento box and again Betoyo excelled themselves with the amazing fabric they used, it's definitely one of the reasons why I love getting this subscription each month.

First up in the box was a little phone charm for the first time I'm stumped and I have no idea who this dragon is or where it's from, so please comment below if you know what this little dragon is from and who it is.

Next up we have some stickers of a character called Umaru-chan, she is from a series called Himouto! Umaru-chan and even though I haven't seen the anime or read the manga, she's been popping up quite a lot on my social media sites, I'm thinking I should give it a try.

Next up is the snack which was a Pez dispenser from the series Yo-kai Watch, Yo-kai Watch is a Japanese video game that got a manga and anime release, where I don't know what the game, manga or anime entails I am intrigued to find out as the characters are rather cute. Betoyo had given a sneak peak for this but only showed one of the possible character Pez's that you could get, on the back it shows there are 4 available: Jibanyan, Whisper, Komasan and Komajiro, I got Komajiro who is Komasan's younger brother.

Next is a fridge magnet that is a cross between One Piece and Hello Kitty, it features One Piece's Chopper wearing a Hello Kitty hat, I love Hello Kitty so this made me squeal when I saw it, I did try getting into One Piece but I spent the first episode finding Luffy really annoying plus an anime tends to pull me in with the opening theme and for me it did nothing, maybe I will give it another try in the future but for now One Piece isn't for me.

Lastly I got a figure from an anime called K-ON, another series I've not heard of but it looks like an anime that I would get really into, the character I got is called Ui Hirasawa and she is the sister to the main character. The quality of the figure is really good and the figure itself is really cute and brightly coloured.

There's definitely been some awesome items in this months box but no matter the anime I always look forward to seeing if I will get a figure each month as they are always amazing quality but I am still waiting on the Hoshijiro from Knights of Sidonia from the July box to be topped, she's been my favourite figure so far.

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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