Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

An nyoung
Ni hao

Today was meant to be one of my food posts but I've had a busy weekend so didn't have time to cook anything these past few days so it got turned into a post about my make-up plus my cold full blown kicked in Saturday morning so doing anything went out of the window.

So I've seen other bloggers post about things like this and I'm going to be doing a What's In My Bag post too in the future but today lets talk about What's In My Make-Up Bag? I seem to have two types of make-up: my daily work make-up and my every other day make-up mainly used for my days off and weekends. My work make-up consists of foundation, powder, mascara and a light blusher whereas my every other day make-up consists of foundation, powder, eye-liner, mascara, a darker blusher and lipstick. I've definitely had my drama's with make-up and it's took me a while to find brands and items that work for me.
I got my make-up bag for Christmas one year for my friend Kariss (check out her blog at www.shystrangemanic.com) it did use to have a black ribbon that went round it but with constantly using it, it got misplaced but as you can see it's pink and girly and it's Disney related and inside is just make-up goodness, well for me anyway.

Lets start from the base, I have two moisturisers my day moisturiser and my night moisturiser. I've used many different moisturisers through my years but with my skin changing I can start with one good moisturiser and then it ends up no good for my skin. I've been using the Nivea Regenerating night cream for a few years now and I love it, it's thick and when applied makes my skin look shiny which I know means it will be helping my skin throughout the night and is absorbed by the time I wake up. The Simple Illuminating Radiance cream I've been using for a few months and I will be buying it again and continuing to use it as it feels nice on my skin and absorbs quickly I've definitely felt and seen a difference in my skin since using this moisturiser.

It took me ages to find the right foundation for my skin as the same with my moisturiser I'd start with one type of foundation and then it would irritate my skin after a while. I've used mousse, powder and liquid foundations and found that the liquid is much better on my skin. I use Rimmels Match Perfection in a 103 - True Ivory, I've been using this one for a while now and don't see me changing anytime in the future. To set my foundation I use a loose powder, mainly because it makes my skin feel smooth.

I have a few eye-liners: pencil, pen and gel. My eyes tend to run when I'm wearing make-up especially when it's sunny, my eyes get really sensitive and for me I've noticed the gel liner works better for this problem as you can see I use a mixture of Rimmel and Soap & Glory. I mainly use the gel liner and like many one eye always looks neater and better than the other eye, my flicks are never even either.

I've used so many mascara's and used to religiously use Loreal's Manga Eyes, this mascara caught my eye for two reasons, one it has the name Manga using to me that it would give you the big eyes seen in Manga's and two they advertised with a Panda, and for anyone that knows me knows Panda's are my favourite animal, I practically squeal when I see anything with a Panda on it. Lately I've been using Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast mascara which has a brush that has longer bristles on one side which works with both my top and bottom lashes. I already have long lashes but these mascara's open my eyes up even more.

For my work make-up I use the Natural Collection blusher as it's lighter and not too in your face, whereas for other day make-up I use the other blushers mainly the one on the far right that's powder and brush in one, the only problem is I don't remember the brand and when it runs out I'm screwed in finding it again as I really love using this blusher.

My make-up essential is lipstick and as you can see I have a bit of choice when it comes to my lips, my main colour is red to give myself a classic but sultry look, but I do like to experiment with different colours to see what suits me best.
These apply like a felt tip pen and have a balm on the opposite side to keep the colour in place, the colour lasts quite a while even while eating but does eventually fade and they are easy to apply.
Lime Crime are an American company that sells make up in all different colours and their logo is a unicorn. I was introduced to these by a friend and not only are they gorgeous when applied but they also smell divine, I definitely want to eventually order more from them especially their bright lipsticks.
I've recently got into the Lush make-up range and they are my second in command for lip colour, not only are they not tested on animals but they have a range of gorgeous colours and fabulous names, my favourite so far is the one named Drive it's a gorgeous purple and I took a risk that worked well when I purchased that one (that was my first Lush make-up purchase), they're easy to apply too, but don't tend to last when eating.

These are by far my favourite, they pretty much do what they say on the packet and last 16hrs, I pretty much have all the colours in this range apart from two. When I've been too tired to remove my make-up (a BIG no no I know) the colour has remained on. It's easy to apply with a two step process: 1 apply the colour and 2 use the lock & shine gloss which is clear and helps the colour to last longer. My only fault for this is that it can make my lips sore from scrubbing it off as it's created to last a long time. I HIGHLY recommend this product for long lasting even through eating and drinking.

Lastly in my make-up bag is two what I think are must have items, nail clippers to keep both fingernail and toenails nice and a pencil sharpener for any pencil liners whether it be eye or lip that need sharpening to keep using them.

I am looking into trying to add eye shadow to my make-up collection it's been a good few years that I've used it and for me I think my best feature on my face are my eyes and I want to be able to pop a bit more, got any tips for me? Comment them below, also let me know what's in your make-up bag, what's your make-up essential?
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 


  1. the Supercat Liners are so good, I can see why they are part of your makeup bag! YOu have some great lip products too x

    Aliya x | thecatandthegirl.blogspot.co.uk | https://www.bloglovin.com/people/thegirl09-10150959

    1. I love the Supercat Liners, my lines and flicks are a lot smoother with them, now we're entering autumn may see if my eyes water as much with them