Wednesday, 30 September 2015

One Year Later

An nyeoung
Ni hao

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So I thought today required an extra special post and if you follow Korean pop music or know me especially some of my close friends then you will know that today for Girls Generation fans is a dark day. Today is the a 1 year anniversary of the departure of our Ice Princess Jessica, with many speculating a year later on how and why she is no longer part of an amazing girl group. I recently read a post by one of my close friends Kariss how it has affected her that a rock band (Funeral For a Friend) we love announced that they were disbanding and departing from the music world, many people will read these types of posts and wonder why we get so affected by these things as we don't know them personally, aren't part of their personal life and they don't know who we are BUT, no matter the genre, country or language music is universal whether they write their own lyrics, compose their own songs or not how the songs comes across affects everyone differently. You will find it strange that to me Jessica's departure was like Geri leaving The Spice Girls and without any shame I will honestly tell you on both occasions I cried. Yes I am 27 and I cried because a member of a group I had devoted myself to for the past few years was gone.

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This day a year a go I was shell shocked and didn't know what to think or believe when SM Entertainment announced that Jessica was no longer part of Girls Generation and then seeing that Jessica had revealed herself that she had also found out that day that she had been removed by her management and 8 other members, like many other fans I questioned their bond as a group and really wondered if they were really like sisters to one another, which helped me to come to my own conclusion, what if the other girls gave Jessica the push for a choice she couldn't make herself, she was in fact making a big step for her future career, a future that would support her when Girls Generation finally came to an end, sometimes you have to be mean to be kind.

Devastated to find out the power of 9 has been broken just shows when you are contracted to a big powerhouse of a company your never "indestructible" support to Jessica and the rest of girls generation cos this won't be easy on any of them.
30th September 2014

I can only hope like all the fans that someday Jessica and the girls will reach out to one another again and reconcile and create an even stronger bond than they had before. As to people that think the girls put up an act of being close I couldn't disagree more, obviously some friendships within the group will be stronger than others but there is no doubt that they all love and care for one another dearly, how could they not they've been around each other for 8 years (longer counting trainee days).

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K-pop has taken over my life these past few years, many of my friends will agree with me on this and it's taken over for the better, many singer's actors etc reach out to fans but not more so than I have seen with K-pop Idols, everyday they show how thankful they are to their fans that made them who they are and put them where they are, I've watched performances whether male or female that their thankfulness and emotions have gotten the better of them and they've broken down into tears, I've got to the point if they cry I cry, if they feel pain I feel it for them.

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Tiffany's face at the start of Gee looking for Jessica still breaks my heart. This was also the day it was announced that Jessica was no longer a member.
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It was only Yesterday that SeoHyun revealed her gorgeous dog Dubu (Korean for Tofu) had sadly passed away and she'd had finally come to the point she could share her sadness with everyone she'd shared him with, I cried for her.

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For many people music is like a lifeline and helps them through hard times as well as good times and even at times saved their lives because a song reached out to them. I may not be able to speak Korean but I definitely feel the emotions from the songs they sing, even more so for some now that Jessica is no longer part of Girls Generation.

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So today marks a year that @jessica.syj was removed/left Girls Generation it's a shame it took this for SM to put out an amazing album that is Lion Heart/You Think but to obviously remove the sting of today SM announced details of @taeyeon_ss solo album (finally) and I can't wait to hear it. Many people lay the blame on TaeYeon for this past year and being the groups leader she took took all the blame and hurtful comments to heart and did the only thing she knew she could, she apologised and worked harder. For Jessica she may not be happy she is no longer apart of the group but I believe she is happier that she is no longer under control of SM ENTERTAINMENT, she's even stated this in an interview I read, I do believe even though she felt hurt by her members she will continue to love them and support them even if she doesn't show it they were a big part of her life. I will continue to support Girls Generation and Jessica with everything they do but one thing I ask of all S♡NES (including Jessica's fans) is to stand back and think how both Jessica and GG have come through this year, neither Jessica, TaeYeon or the rest of the girls deserve any hate. My only regret for today is that I can't translate this for TaeYeon to read, I can't wait for TaeYeon's solo album and can I also ask if you would so kindly tag TaeYeon, Jessica, Tiffany and the rest of the girls in the hopes they will see this and know there are still people that stand by them and support them instead of all the negativity.
30th September 2015

(By Cui Xiu Ying)

I will continue to support Jessica in her future endeavours and hope she returns to the music industry soon, kind of missing her angelic voice, now let me leave you with lyrics that started Jessica's career in Girls Generation, and lyrics that will follow her and S♡NES forever.

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I love you, just like this
the longed end of wandering
I leave behind this
world's unending sadness
walking the many and unknowable paths
I follow a dim light
it's something we'll do together to the end

Forever Girls Generation

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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