Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Betoyo Bento Box: August Edition

An nyoung
Ni hao

It's that time again that I reveal what was inside my August Betoyo Bento Box, sadly this month because of a larger item the box size had to be increased meaning the cute Bento Box style fabric was removed but instead cool and cute warning tape was used. This month as always a few of the items I received I had no idea on what they were from or what the character was called. The main big item I am yet to put batteries in but have seen from other subscribers what it does and I think it's amazing.

First up was a kawaii plush hair clip that even though I'd not read the manga or seen the anime I knew what it was from as I saw the manga a while ago and put it on my manga to buy list I just didn't know the characters name but with a bit of research I found out. The hair clip is of Koro Sensei from the manga and anime called Assassination Classroom from what I've read his face changes colour depending on his emotions (correct me if I'm wrong) and my hair clip is pink signalling that he is tired, another site I found said it signalled sleepy/smitten.

My next item is another Pokémon item this time, it's like a charm that you could attach to your phone etc. My Pokémon days are when the show started and for me this was a Pokémon I hadn't seen so had to research to find out what and who it was for you (if you didn't all ready know). This one is called Emolga and is a dual-type electric/flying Pokémon that doesn't evolve into or from another Pokémon it's basically a sky squirrel to be honest to me it looked like a flying Pikachu, it's cute none the less.

My next item I had no idea of the anime as I'd never seen anything for it before but figured he was called Hades as the name was present next to him, after researching I found out he is a character that started off from a game that also became an anime. It's called Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere deorum aka 神々の悪戯, Mischief of the Gods, after reading about it I found out it's basically a game for the female population where you play as the lead female character and choose between the male characters who will be your love interest. This item seems to be like a key-ring or something you would attach to the puller on a bag zip. As I've already said I got Hades and the character info for him says: Hades Aidoneus - The Greek God of the Underworld. He is also said to have misfortune and often isolates himself from interacting with others. Quiet person and takes distances from other people. Apollon’s uncle and Zeus’ older brother. Likes sweet things. Thinks of himself as unlucky and cursed. He has an aura which makes everyone difficult to approach him. Despite being cold outside actually Hades is soft on the inside. He believes that coming close to him will bring misery to people, so he keeps everyone away from him. Due to the grudges held by the dead in the underworld, Hades has gained a curse that causes misfortune wherever he goes, hence he prefers to stay in the underworld away from contact. To be honest this seems that type of game and the type of anime that would interest me.

My snack this month was two chew style sweets that had a vanilla milk kind of taste to them, I thought they were nice but it did taste strange eating a sweet that tasted like milk.

The last and the main big item was an alarm clock, but it wasn't just any old alarm clock it was a very cool and awesome alarm clock. We got a retro looking Mario alarm clock which from what I've seen from another subscriber it plays the Mario theme for the alarm, I can't wait to put batteries in mine and test it out. There are no words that can describe how awesome this clock is, you just have to look at the pictures and check it out for yourself.

Sadly we've come to the end of another Betoyo Bento Box, I will always end these posts saying how amazing they are and how much you get for your money, this has to be my favourite subscription I have going I may not always know who the characters are or what anime they are from but they are always good quality items and for £25 a month including shipping you really can't go wrong if anime and Japan are your thing.
Go try it for yourself
See you soon!

An nyoung 
Zai Jian