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Battle Royale: The Films

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As strange as it may be I have 3 copies of the first Battle Royale film, I have a special edition version (silver), a normal edition (blue) and a blu ray version (not pictured), the 3rd DVD is the sequel to the original film.
The Battle Royale film was released in 2000 by Kinji Fukasaku, the film aroused both domestic and international controversy and was either banned or excluded from distribution in several countries because of it's brutal content and to this day is one of Japan's most famous films.
Normal edition

The cast was recruited to be the same age as their characters so all the cast were 15 and up and the film has Shuya Nanahara as the main character played by Tatsuya Fujiwara who has gone on to be a well known actor in Japan getting many lead roles. There are slight differences in the film to the book mainly changing 2 of the characters stories and changing round some of the timings of characters deaths. Obviously I prefer the book (who wouldn't) a few scenes in the book appear in the special edition of the film, how the movie ends is also changed from the book.
Special edition

When I first watched Battle Royale I couldn't help comparing it to The Hunger Games but because of this a western remake was scrapped as it was thought that The Hunger Games fans would take the limelight away from Battle Royale stating it was copying. Whenever I explain Battle Royale to anyone to interest them into watching it is by saying that it's like The Hunger Games but better. Whenever I watch the film now there are scenes that after reading the book definitely make me shed a few tears so I would definitely suggest reading the book before watching the film that way you get the in detail story and explanations.
Battle Royale 2

Battle Royale 2 where do I start I feel this film shouldn't have been don't get me wrong I enjoyed the film but not to the extent that I'd keep watching it again and again, the only real thing I enjoyed from this film was how they changed the way the metal collars detonated in the second film if girl No.3 died then boy no.3's collar would detonate killing him, also the game changes in the second film the new class are made to go to where a team that calls themselves The Wild Sevens are hidden to kill them to win. I'd still suggest watching this film to complete the story but I warned you if you think it's pretty bad.

The original Battle Royale film also has an awesome soundtrack for the film mainly featuring classical pieces that add to the suspense, I couldn't think of any other music that would fit this film it fits perfectly. My favourite song from the film is the ending song at the credits which to me gives a closure that it's finished.
Go watch the films and go read the book it's definitely up there in my favourite film and book.
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