Monday, 18 May 2015

Zhoumi: Rewind - The First Mini Album

An nyoung 
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Welcome to k-pop Monday, today's post is about a Chinese singer under SM ENTERTAINMENT: Zhoumi.

Zhoumi is part of a Sub Unit group called Super Junior M with Henry and other members of the group Super Junior like EXO-M Super Junior M sing in Mandarin Chinese and not only does Zhoumi sing in the Sub unit he often writes the lyrics for their Chinese songs. 
Last year saw him release his first solo mini album Rewind, the lead single taken from the mini album was also Rewind and had a version sung in Mandarin and a version sung in Korean both songs and MV'S featured the main rappers from both EXO-K (Chanyeol) and EXO-M (Tao), his mini album also consisted of both Korean and Chinese songs with the Chinese songs wrote by himself.

Rewind (Korean Version)
Why (Color-blind) (Korean Version)
Without you 
Loving You
Love Tonight 
Why (Color-blind)
(All songs are Chinese unless stated otherwise)

There were many arguments with the fact that two members of EXO were used for Zhoumi's solo debut, my only response for that is EXO has a large fanbase and they would bring in the views and fans that Zhoumi deserves. I for one checked out his MV because Chanyeol and Tao featured on his song and I'm glad I did as I love all his songs and he has an amazing voice. Listening to Zhoumi also got me listening to Super Junior.

Rewind ft Chanyeol of exo
Owned by SM Entertainment
Rewind ft Tao of exo
owned by SM Entertainment 

I love both versions of rewind but the rap stands out for me in the Korean version and all in all the Chinese version is my favourite as the lyrics seem to fit the melody better.

I love the whole set out and concept of the album I won't lie Zhoumi is in my opinion an extremely good looking man plus he has an amazing set of abs and extremely talented.
Cd & photobook 

My favourite songs are:
Rewind (Korean Version & Chinese)
Why (Color-blind) (Korean Version & Chinese)
Without you 
Loving You
Love Tonight 

Without you
owned by Zhoumi & SM Entertainment 

Loving you ft f(Victoria) of f(x)
Owned by Zhoumi & SM Entertainment 

Love Tonight ft Tao of exo
Owned by Zhoumi & SM Entertainment 

Hope you listen to the songs and let me know what songs you like and which version of Rewind you prefer.

Zhoumi singing because of you
by Kelly Clarkson.

See you soon!

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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