Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Weekend Antics: Bank Holiday

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

Well it's may already can't believe how fast the year is going so far and the past weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend and I spent it with my boyfriend and daughter at my sister's house looking after her three dogs.
Me and Andrew pretty much had a long weekend as we were both off Friday to Monday, we went to my sister's Thursday night, ready for her and her husband going away Friday morning for the bank holiday. Skye stayed at home as she had school Friday and her granddad took her to school.
We had a lazy Friday morning just relaxing reading and watching morning television. In the afternoon before my mum was due to bring Skye to us we popped down to the retail park near my sister's house and had our tea at Frankie & Bennies. The food and service was amazing can never fault that restaurant. 
Andrew had a 15 inch pizza it was massive and looked really nice.

I had a Avocado and Red Pepper Wrap, with fries and a small dish of coleslaw, it was really nice and I cleared the plate.

Friday we also watched a Girls Generation live DVD.
Front cover
Self introduction talk
Singing My J
Singing My J

Reg also joined me in watching some afternoon TV. 
Reg watching the Paul O Grade Show.

Friday night was ended with prepping the next weeks blogs and noting what I needed to do for each blog.

Like each morning (because I forgot my teatox teas) it started with a nice and we'll deserved cup of coffee and a bowl of Star Wars cereal.
After breakfast we all got ready to go to the retail park for a small shopping trip, while I was getting ready I was doing a small blogpost on my K-POP app called K-pop Amino, my blogpost was a Korean spring inspired fashion post.

Our shopping trip pretty much consisted of baby shopping for both our friends that are having a little boy and his sister that is having a little girl. Tea time we had Lasagne that my sister kindly made us before she went Friday morning and then we tried two beers that we'd never seen or tried before.
We weren't too fussed about this one. 
This one was more bearable but still not something I would drink often. 
After shopping we also sat with Skye and did her homework with her, we add to ask my friend Kate what we had to do as we both had no idea what she had to do.

Sunday was a lazy day and was pretty much spent in pj's watching Sunday TV, mainly back to back Come Dine With Me, I love watching this show as I enjoy seeing the recipes, it was also used for staring blogs ready to post on their appropriate days. Andrew goes to his mum's on a Sunday for his tea and this Sunday was no different so my Sunday evening was spent doing exercise and then a nice long hot relaxing bath with one of my Lush bath bombs then I continued to read my book Feed by Mira Grant and then snacked on popcorn and Pepero while watching The Walking Dead.

Monday was a pretty early start to say how late we went to bed after watching Walking Dead. 
While getting ready to go to Frankie & Bennies for breakfast I had the TV on and couldn't help laughing at Reg laid on the bed getting into Murder, She Wrote.

Frankie & Bennies I had Eggs Royale with a side of Hash Browns. I always have it as it's delicious. It's poached eggs and smoked salmon on a toasted muffin with a hollandaise sauce, never disappoints me.

After breakfast popped into two shops (asda living & boots) as I needed leggings for an 80's outfit for work and I wanted to try some gel eyeliner as mine always ends up gone from my eyes watering.
The rest of the day was fill washing and ironing ready for going back to work and then relaxing reading my book and listening to music.

These are the cuties we spent our weekend looking after even though we spent most of our time cleaning up pee, they're still adorable and love cuddles, Reg & Mimi like to share the bed with you and Mimi gets under the duvet with you.

Tam the ewok dog

We also went to have cuddles with our cats at Andrews, I only get to see these beauties at the weekend so I've missed them even though they are little terrors.
Well that was my long Bank holiday weekend.
See you later.

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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