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Naruto Unleashed Anime

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The Naruto Anime is still ongoing but it's getting closer to it's end, the latest series is called Naruto Shippuden but I'm not going to be talking about that one today. Today's post is about the beginning of the Naruto anime called Naruto Unleashed. Naruto was suggested to me by my boyfriend as it's one of his favourite Anime's. To be honest when I first watched Naruto unleashed I couldn't get over how much of an annoying brat he was, his need to think he was always right and always better than others and don't get me started on his catchphrase, pretty much after every sentence he would end with Believe It! If you look back at my oldest posts you will see that I used his catchphrase too at the end of my posts (I feel the need for the ground to swallow me when I read my oldest posts). Thankfully after a while he stopped saying it.

Naruto unleashed shows the start of Naruto's shinobi journey and introduces the main characters for that section of Naruto's life, one thing everyone learns quick is Naruto's power to become friends with anyone and everyone no matter how much they hate him.

Unleashed also introduces the main Villain of the seasons that wants nothing more to pretty much rule all. Orichimaru appears during the chunin exams and wants Sasuke in his grasp, he marks Sasuke so that he goes in search of him for power as he wants to kill his brother Itachi for murdering the whole Uchiha Clan.

Sasuke leaves the village to grow stronger to fight itachi, his will is so strong to achieve his goal that neither Naruto or Sukura can stop him. When the main manga story ends the season continues with filler episodes often of Naruto's training to get stronger to bring Sasuke back.

The one thing I hated seeing in both Unleashed and Shippuden was that they often showed Naruto as a young boy with the village turning their back on him because of the nine-tails, it's heartbreaking to see, but it pushes him to work harder to get stronger and be acknowledged by both his peers and villages.

Naruto Unleashed also has some amazing opening and ending songs, an amazing show has to have amazing songs, I'll share with you a few of my favourites 
Opening 2

Opening 4

Opening 5

Ending 1

Ending 3

I've probably missed loads of important things about the anime so I've probably not really sold it to you but everyone's opinions vary, some people may like the show where others dislike it. Check it out to find out for yourself.

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