Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sushi School

Ni hao 

Last Tuesday me and bestest went to sushi School at Yo Sushi! It was a birthday present from what has to be the best boyfriend ever, sushi making started around 6pm so we made the most of our day and had a girly bestie day which was full of wedding chat, shopping, good food and amazing cocktails. When eating out the places I tend to go most are Wagamamas and Yo Sushi! They both have amazing food and amazing service and never disappoint, but for a change we went to Giraffe, I'd been once before and had really enjoyed the food, the only thing I dislike about Giraffe is that the tip is already added to the bill (it is optional to pay) but I dislike that your told what you should pay especially if you've not enjoyed the service. While there I had as expected a Japanese style dish which had nori, sushi rice, salmon, edamame beans, lettuce, mango and a dressing (can't remember what the dressing was) it was absolutely gorgeous.

California sushi rice salad with oak smoked salmon
Giraffe: www.giraffe.net
We also had cocktails which was hard to choose what we wanted as they all sounded gorgeous but we decided on ones that appeared in the dessert menu, can't beat a cocktail for dessert. While I had an amaretto style martini Kate had a banoffee style martini.

After food was shopping, shopping and more shopping. As 6 drew closer we got more and more nervous but in the end we had a blast I'd happily pay to do it again.
I'm sure like many people when it comes to doing something new you worry that your not going to be good at it, also we were nervous we would be given knives and lose fingers, thankfully that wasn't the case and what better way to enjoy sushi lessons than with a glass of rosé.

Our instructor was called Justin and took the time before starting to try and get to know his students. Lessons started with info on where to get salmon and tuna and how to cut it, next was how to cook sushi rice correctly, we were quizzed on how we cooked our rice at home and if we knew where sushi originated from, Do you know? We all guessed Japan when in fact it's China, after we were given all the info on produce and equipment we got to start the sushi making, starting with Maki.

 Cucumber Maki

 Uncut iso

 Finished Crunchy Prawn ISO Roll (InSide Out)

 Unfinished Gunkan

 Finished Masago Gunkan 

 Beef Nigri

 Unrolled Hand Roll

 Finished Salmon and Avocado Hand Roll

To finish off an awesome day we went to TGI Fridays for more cocktails, we love TGI'S for cocktails.

I really recommend the Sushi School at Yo Sushi! I would happily go and do it again with a group of friends. Lessons last 2-3 hours and everything you make you have the choice to either eat straight away or take home. Lessons cost £30 per person or £50 for 2, you get your own rolling mat to take home and a little booklet with recipes, so what are you all waiting for if you like sushi get booked in at Yo Sushi! For a lesson. www.yosushi.com

Zai Jian 

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