Wednesday, 29 April 2015

All Round Shopping Splurge

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

A bit late posting this one, got in a bit too late to post plus I was tired. Yesterday was payday at work and what I keep telling myself and everyone else is that I work to support my k-pop and all round Asian addiction. I'd barely been out of bed and I'd made 5 separate orders online four of which were k-pop related.

When it comes to my k-pop Cd's I try and shop around and compare prices and delivery times. It's not cheap when it comes to importing the groups I like (you will see what I pay when it comes to k-pop etc).

The first place I went was eBay and ordered three Cd's I've had on my watch list for quite a while. 
Gfriend is a new South Korean girl group that when I heard their debut single Glass Bead it reminded me of Girls Generation and their debut with Into the New World.
Glass bead

Into The New World 
(Owned by SM Entertainment)

Gfriend seasons of glass
The first mini album

The next two Cd's I ordered were by a male group called SHINee they are under management with SM Entertainment. I've not heard any of the songs on these albums but I have heard a few of their songs and really liked them.

SHINee I'm your boy
SHINee why so serious

Next was a online shop I use a lot for my k-pop called YesAsia and like eBay I have a long list of saved items that I want to buy. I did two seperate orders with these as it tells you how long they take to dispatch from 24hrs to 7-14 days.
The first order was two Cd's:
The first CD was by a girl group called Red Velvet they debuted last summer with 4 members and with the release of their first mini album they made a comeback with a fifth member and finally won first place.

Ice cream cake
(Owned by SM Entertainment)

Red Velvet ice cream cake 
the first mini album

The second CD is a live album, it's the live album from EXO'S first tour: EXO the lost planet. I purchased the special edition which I always tend to do if their is one available.

Exo: the lost planet
Gee first live album

The second order consists of two albums and some special soap, Soap? I here you ask, yes soap all will be explained. The two CD'S were both EXO'S new album Exodus I already have this album in both Korean and Chinese but SM slyly released the albums as each member gracing the covers, there are 20 versions available 10 in Korean and 10 in Chinese (there are 10 members in EXO) I wanted the covers with my favourite members on so I ordered the Korean version with Chanyeol (EXO-K) and Chinese version with Lay (EXO-M)

Exo Exodus (Chanyeol Korean version)
EXO Exodus (lay Chinese version)

Now to the soap there is a beauty company called Nature Republic and they do skincare cosmetics etc last year they released two boxes full of six soaps, one for EXO-K and one for EXO-M each bar of soap is different with different colours and different scents, I can't decide whether to use these or not.

Nature Republic soap EXO-K

My last online order was with an online clothes store that I love that sells Asian fashion, they're gorgeous and many items are quite cheap and affordable and the quality is always amazing.
I ordered two dresses and a skirt and all three brands were Chinese.

Bow accent tulle skirt
Lace panel slit-slide maxi dress
Mock two - piece pleated dress


Skye is going away with my parents in February so I thought I'd make a start on her holiday clothes.

Cat glasses

Then was a trip to HMV. 

Sofia the First  (skye's)
Attack on titan pt 1
Attack on titan pt 2
Attack on titan 

Then was a visit in my two favourite stores.

BlackBerry bath bomb
Twilight bath bomb
Daddy-o shampoo
American Cream conditioner
This is a birthday present so will not be revealed or priced.

Before shopping started I went to one of my favour restaurant's it's an American Diner style restaurant called Ed's Easy Diner.

Root beer
Burger with sweet potato fries, onion rings, coleslaw and a pot of tomato ketchup.

To round up a long and busy day we got snacks and watched the new Daredevil series on Netflix.

See you next time.

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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