Sunday, 18 August 2013

Graze: box number 3 review

Hello again. so I finished my recent graze box and for the first time there was something that when I reviewed my box I had to click bin for them not to send again.

So in this weeks graze box I received Honeycomb crunch, Bonnie wee oatbakes, Fiery seeds and Pina colada.

The Honeycomb crunch was basically milk chocolate coated honeycomb with raisins and almonds, these were amazing and deffinatley a love it click on the website. The Bonnie wee oatbakes were amazing they were cheese and chive oatbakes with a red onion marmalade and another that got changed to love it on the website. The Pina colada was dried pineapple, coconut flakes and mango, these were pretty good but would have to have again to make up my mind. The Fiery seeds were basically seeds with something like chilli on them and these were not to my taste and went straight to the website to click on the bin it button to not get them again.

Just a small review today, excited to know what i'll be getting in tomorrow's box.

Manga_Leann signing out.
Believe it!

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